Poll Reveals How Biden’s Sagging Economy is Haunting Americans

A shocking poll reveals that Americans Are most worried about Biden's economy With inflation and crime ranking closely Behind fewer people are concerned about Other issues because they're too busy Watching their finances Don't forget to stay on top of the Latest news hit subscribe below then Tell your friends you saw it at the next News I'm Elijah Shafer and a CBS News you gov Poll is revealed that 97 of Americans Are concerned about the president its Dwindling economy which has remained a Top issue for months but that's not all The survey also indicates that inflation And crime come in a close second while Healthcare and government spending Follow the bite Administration may claim That the economy is on the men but Americans are not fooled Byron's economy Has been the most important issue on Americans Minds for months according to CBS News polling The economy's Fragile Condition has taken a toll on households Across the country Bloomberg reports and 2022 Biden's 40-year High inflation is Cost American households an average of Fifty two hundred dollars more than in Previous years CNBC is your money Financial confidence survey reveals that 70 percent of Americans feel financially Stressed under Biden's government 95 percent said Biden's inflation was a

Major concern along with crime followed By health care and government spending Only 79 said abortion was an important Issue According to CBS News Paul Lang Biden's Economy has been his top issue for Months in January 97 of respondents said Biden's economy was important tied with Inflation second place went to Crime With 94 at 81 abortion rate well down The list one of the primary reasons for The inflation crisis is an energy crisis That has erupted in Biden's term the Crisis has impacted many sectors Including banking in March of banking Crisis occurred in part because of sharp Interest rate hikes to reduce inflation Despite this the Federal Reserve Continued to increase interest rates and March to Tamp down soaring inflation Economists warned that these efforts Could trigger a recession and cause Financial instability we are all aware That it's tax season and this time of The year where all Uncle Sam comes to Collect this year it seems that the rich Have more to worry about with their Finances watch Well Brian the numbers are looking very Progressive the IRS expected to collect Over two and a half trillion dollars in Individual taxes this year the bottom Half of taxpayers those are earning About fifty thousand dollars or less

Have a net negative tax bill meaning They get money back from the government Through tax credits the tax policy Center estimating that about 40 percent Of Americans will pay no federal income Taxes this year they'll pay a lot of Other taxes but not federal income taxes So the top 10 percent who earn two Hundred thousand dollars or more they're Going to pay eighty percent of all Federal income taxes in 2022 that's According to the nonpartisan joint Committee on tax on taxation but those At the very very top they pay the most As a share of their income that's an Important qualifier So those earning a million dollars or More that's the top point five percent They earn sixteen percent of the Nation's income but they pay 39 of Federal income tax that's a top point Five paying 39 of all taxes and by the Way they have the highest tax rate their Average tax rate will be twenty six Percent Brian as you know that compares To a tax rate of about five percent for Middle Americans or those earning Between seventy five and a hundred Thousand dollars now over the past 10 Years the tax code has become more Progressive with the top paying nine Percent more as a share of federal Income taxes so it's Brian not only very Progressive but getting more Progressive

Over time even with the 2017 The American public is deeply concerned About the state of the country's economy Under the bind Administration many Americans find themselves struggling to Make ends meet because the price of Everything is skyrocketed despite the Government claims about the state of the Economy the majority of Americans Disagree let's continue this Conversation the comments below for the Next News Network I'm Elijah Shafer have A good night Thank you for watching that report I'd Like to ask you a question are Widespread food shortages the next big Thing as far as I can tell it looks like It whenever I look around it seems like Everything is going to come crashing Down at any moment you're ready aren't You are you prepared with at least three Months worth of food stocked up in case Of an emergency well you can find new Lower prices for my Patriot Supply if You tap more below and go to Preparewithgary.com where you'll find New lower prices from my Patriot Supply In addition save two hundred dollars on A three-month emergency food kit and get Free shipping as well there's enough Food in this kit to nourish one person For a solid three months the kit Includes breakfast lunches dinners Drinks and snacks it provides you with 2

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