Presidential Candidates as PUPPETS

As I sit here pondering the upcoming presidential election, I can’t help but feel as though our potential leaders are mere puppets controlled by unseen hands. It’s a disconcerting thought, isn’t it? The thought that those who seek to lead our nation may simply be playing their part in a larger, orchestrated performance, manipulated by forces we may never fully comprehend. In this blog post, I aim to delve deeper into the notion of presidential candidates as puppets, exploring the implications and uncovering the realities that lie beneath the surface. Join me on this eye-opening journey and let’s shed light on the intricate dance between our politicians and those who truly hold the strings.


As an avid political enthusiast, I recently stumbled upon an intriguing BlazeTV video featuring none other than Mike Pence and a rather unexpected guest – a pink puppet. Now, I must admit, this unconventional combination instantly captured my attention and left me pondering the significance behind such an unconventional choice. In this article, I aim to delve into the underlying message behind this peculiar pairing and explore the implications it may hold for Mike Pence’s credibility as a presidential candidate.

A Questionable Puppetry Choice

One cannot help but question the decision to include a puppet alongside Mike Pence in this video. After all, does it not tarnish his image and cast doubts on his credibility? The presence of a puppet suggests that he lacks the ability to hold his own or communicate his ideas effectively without the assistance of a prop. It raises concerns about his authenticity and persuasiveness as a potential leader.

Criticisms of Putin’s Love

In the video, the puppet makes a comment about Mike Pence loving Vladimir Putin. This statement has garnered significant criticism and skepticism. Loving a foreign leader, especially one as controversial as Putin, raises eyebrows and leads to doubts about Pence’s ability to make objective and rational decisions. It exposes potential bias and preference based on personal feelings rather than sound judgment, which is a cause for concern in a presidential candidate.

Women’s Capabilities

One intriguing point made by the speaker is the assertion that women are more capable of getting things done. This notion holds significant weight in today’s society, as the role of women in leadership positions continues to evolve and gain recognition. By highlighting this perspective, the video subtly challenges the notion that only men possess the necessary skills to lead effectively.

Support for Ron DeSantis

Throughout the video, the speaker identifies as a rhino and expresses support for Ron DeSantis. This endorsement adds an interesting layer to the dialogue presented. It highlights the divisions within the Republican party and suggests that even among politicians, there are differing perspectives and allegiances. It showcases the complexities of political alliances and exposes the need for unity within the party.

Praise for Chris Christie’s Criticism

Another noteworthy moment in the video is when the speaker praises Chris Christie’s criticism of Barack Obama. This acknowledgment resonates with listeners who share similar sentiments towards the former president. It reinforces the importance of holding leaders accountable and speaking out against policies or actions deemed detrimental to the nation’s well-being.

Resemblance to a Car Salesman’s Pitch

Interestingly, the video has been met with comparisons to a car salesman’s pitch. Some critics argue that the exaggerated humor and absurdity resemble the tactics used by salesmen to persuade potential buyers. While this may be a valid observation, it can also be seen as a strategic approach to captivate audiences and inject some much-needed entertainment into the political arena.

References to Puppet’s Interactions

To enhance the comedic value of the video, the puppet’s interactions and remarks play a vital role. These references serve as lighthearted moments in an otherwise serious discussion. By injecting humor and witty banter into the conversation, the video aims to engage viewers and keep them entertained while simultaneously delivering important messages.


In a world where political campaigns are often filled with grand promises and theatrical performances, the BlazeTV video featuring Mike Pence and a pink puppet challenges conventional expectations. It prompts viewers to examine the ideologies and credibility of presidential candidates by using distinctive and unconventional means. While the presence of the puppet may raise concerns about Pence’s image and authenticity, it also offers an opportunity for self-reflection and critical analysis of political leadership. As we navigate the political landscape, it is crucial to question, challenge, and scrutinize the actions and statements of those who aspire to be our next leaders.