Remember when Kamala wanted PAPER BALLOTS??

In the realm of past political endeavors, the focus on implementing paper ballots became a prominent concern for Kamala. With a candid desire for enhanced transparency and electoral integrity, she recognized the importance of adopting a more tangible voting method. This article delves deeper into Kamala’s stance and sheds light on the reasoning behind her aspiration for paper ballots.


In this captivating review, we delve into a thought-provoking video produced by the renowned Benny Johnson. This video focuses on an intriguing topic that revolves around Kamala’s previous stance on paper ballots. Throughout the video, numerous important issues are covered, such as concerns about election fraud, securing elections from electronic voting, and exploring the effectiveness of paper ballots.

Liberals Expressing Concerns About Election Fraud:

The video showcases how liberals have expressed concerns about election fraud, particularly highlighting the need to secure elections from electronic voting. In this day and age where technology plays an integral role in nearly every aspect of our lives, it’s only natural that discussions are being held regarding best practices and machinery for auditing and securing election systems.

Auditing and Securing Election Systems:

The dialogue within the video emphasizes the importance of utilizing effective measures to safeguard the integrity of election systems. It is widely recommended to have election systems disconnected from the internet, as this minimizes vulnerabilities that can potentially be exploited by malicious actors. Paper ballots, in particular, are being considered as one of the smartest systems due to their tangible nature and resistance to hacking.

The Shift Towards Paper Ballots:

Cleverly, the video references the year 2018 as a pivotal moment when the focus shifted towards paper ballots. It highlights that a piece of paper is considered more difficult to hack than a computer system connected to the internet. Considering the sensitivity and significance of elections, it becomes imperative to adopt secure methods that can instill trust in the process.

Questioning Motives and Career Impact:

The video subtly implies that advocating for paper ballots may not be the most audacious action taken for the speaker’s career. Through thought-provoking analysis, it suggests that the speaker possesses experience in foreign affairs or related fields, thus adding depth to the discussion and raising questions about the underlying motivations behind such a stance.


In conclusion, Benny Johnson’s video efficaciously sheds light on Kamala’s previous support for paper ballots. It highlights the concerns liberals have expressed regarding election fraud and the need to secure elections from electronic voting. By delving into discussions regarding best practices and machinery for auditing and securing election systems, the video provides valuable insights. The idea of utilizing paper ballots as a secure and trustworthy method is indeed intriguing, especially in an era dominated by technology. As the world continues to evolve and adapt, ensuring the integrity of election systems remains a vital aspect of democracy.

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