RFK Jr. SMOKES Hannity To His Face On LIVE TV | Crowd ROARS

RFK Jr. SMOKES Hannity To His Face On LIVE TV | Crowd ROARS


In a recent video that has gone viral, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., commonly known as RFK Jr., delivered a powerful critique of pro-war politicians and defended his qualifications to be president. During his appearance on the popular TV show Hannity, hosted by Sean Hannity, RFK Jr. captivated the audience with his eloquence, sharp wit, and thought-provoking arguments. This article will provide a comprehensive review of RFK Jr.’s appearance on Hannity, highlighting the key points he raised and the impact of his words on the crowd.

RFK Jr. Criticizes Pro-War Republicans and Democrats on Hannity:

During his time on Hannity, RFK Jr. fearlessly criticized both Republicans and Democrats who advocate for war. He passionately argued for the need to prioritize peace and diplomacy over military conflicts, calling out the hawkish tendencies prevalent in American politics. RFK Jr. highlighted the devastating consequences of war and the importance of exploring alternative solutions to global conflicts.

Kennedy Roasts Joe Biden for His English Language Skills:

One of the highlights of RFK Jr.’s appearance was his amusing roast of Joe Biden’s English language skills. With quick-witted humor, RFK Jr. playfully pointed out the occasional slip-ups and linguistic mishaps made by the current president. This light-hearted moment provided much-needed comic relief amidst the serious discussions, eliciting laughter from the crowd and making RFK Jr. a relatable and likable figure.

RFK Jr. Questions Biden’s Cognitive Strength to Lead the Country:

Delving into a topic of immense significance, RFK Jr. expressed concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities and whether he is fit to lead the country effectively. He questioned Biden’s mental sharpness and how it might impact critical decision-making processes. RFK Jr.’s candid remarks resonated with many viewers who have similar concerns about the current administration.

RFK Jr. Defends His Qualification to be President Without Holding Federal Office:

Defying conventional political norms, RFK Jr. confidently defended his qualifications for the presidency despite not having held federal office. He emphasized the importance of diverse experiences and fresh perspectives in leadership positions, challenging the notion that federal office experience is a prerequisite for aspiring politicians. This bold stance sparked conversations about the evolving landscape of politics and the value of non-traditional candidates.

RFK Jr. Denounces Crony Capitalism and the Wealth Transfer during COVID Lockdowns:

In his impassioned speech, RFK Jr. expressed his disdain for crony capitalism and the wealth transfer that occurred during the COVID-19 lockdowns. He criticized the unequal distribution of resources and the economic disparities that were exacerbated during the pandemic. RFK Jr.’s condemnation of this issue struck a chord with many individuals who have been directly affected by the economic fallout of the global health crisis.

RFK Jr. Accuses Fox News and Hannity of Supporting the Ukraine War Effort:

Unafraid to call out media bias, RFK Jr. accused Fox News and specifically Hannity of supporting the Ukraine war effort. He raised concerns about the role of media in shaping public opinion and highlighted the need for unbiased reporting. RFK Jr.’s accusations sparked a lively discussion about the influence of media outlets and their responsibilities in providing fair and balanced coverage.

RFK Jr. Questions Europe’s Lack of Involvement in Defending their Continent:

During his appearance on Hannity, RFK Jr. questioned Europe’s lack of involvement in defending their continent amidst global conflicts. He argued for the importance of collective defense and the need for European nations to take a more active role in ensuring their own security. This thought-provoking perspective shed light on geopolitical dynamics and sparked conversations about the complex relationships between nations.

RFK Jr. Emphasizes the Need for Peace Agreements and Distrust of Putin in Ukraine:

Turning his attention to Ukraine, RFK Jr. emphasized the importance of peace agreements and voiced his distrust of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He highlighted the devastating impacts of war on innocent civilians and stressed the urgency of finding diplomatic resolutions. RFK Jr.’s passionate plea for peace resonated with viewers who value global stability and peaceful coexistence.

RFK Jr. Points out the Failure of Minsk Accords Due to US Interference:

In a striking revelation, RFK Jr. pointed out the failure of the Minsk Accords, largely attributing it to interference from the United States. His analysis shed light on the complexities of international diplomacy and the role played by various countries in shaping outcomes. The implications of RFK Jr.’s observation sparked discussions about foreign policy and the impact of external influences on peace negotiations.

RFK Jr. Criticizes the Push for War in Ukraine to Appease Putin:

In a powerful crescendo, RFK Jr. vehemently criticized the push for war in Ukraine as a means to appease Putin. He called for a shift of focus towards diplomatic solutions and denounced the warmongering tendencies within the political landscape. RFK Jr.’s strong stance against war resonated with many individuals who crave peaceful resolutions to global conflicts.


RFK Jr.’s appearance on Hannity was nothing short of remarkable. His eloquence, sharp wit, and thought-provoking arguments captivated the audience, leaving a lasting impact. From critiquing pro-war politicians to defending his qualifications for the presidency, RFK Jr. demonstrated his ability to engage viewers and spark meaningful conversations. This unforgettable moment on live TV has solidified RFK Jr.’s position as a prominent figure in public discourse, and his words will continue to reverberate in the minds of those who witnessed his powerful performance.

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