Ron DeSantis Bombshell Announcement – ‘Will You Leave The Race?’

Ron DeSantis Bombshell Announcement – ‘Will You Leave The Race?’


In a recent interview with Fox Business host Neil Kavo, Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis made a bombshell announcement that has left many wondering about the future of his campaign. Kavo asked DeSantis if it’s time for him to step aside, especially with Nikki Haley surging in the polls. However, DeSantis made it clear that he is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. In fact, he confidently stated that he will be in it all the way and plans to emerge as a strong contender. Let’s delve deeper into this latest development and analyze its potential impact on the Republican primary.

Is It the End for Ron DeSantis?

During the interview, Kavo raised the question of whether it is time for DeSantis to leave the race considering Haley’s rise in popularity. To this, DeSantis responded with conviction, asserting that he is here to stay. He emphasized that the key to his campaign is not about winning individual states like Iowa, but about securing a majority of delegates. This strategic approach highlights DeSantis’ determination to go the distance, regardless of the outcome in early primary states.

DeSantis’ Strong Standing in Iowa

While DeSantis may face challenges from his competitors, he currently holds an advantageous position in Iowa. Recent polls indicate that he has the highest percentage of Iowa caucus goers considering him as their candidate of choice. Moreover, DeSantis also enjoys the highest net favorability among the Republican contenders. This strong standing can be attributed to the tireless efforts of his campaign throughout the state, extensively covering various counties and gaining support.

The Iowa Conundrum

Despite DeSantis’ favorable position in Iowa, the upcoming caucuses in this state will be make-or-break for his campaign. All of his eggs are in the Iowa basket, and a poor performance there could potentially spell the end of his presidential aspirations. DeSantis understands the significance of this crucial moment and is channeling his campaign’s resources and efforts towards securing a victory in Iowa.

The Role of Donors in DeSantis’ Campaign

Like any presidential campaign, financial support plays a critical role in determining its viability. Without sufficient funds and donors backing DeSantis, his campaign would inevitably face a premature end. However, it is worth noting that DeSantis has garnered considerable support from donors who believe in his vision and ability to lead. This financial backing provides him with the resources needed to continue his campaign and strive for success.

The Trump Factor

Another aspect that could potentially strengthen DeSantis’ campaign is his relationship with former President Donald Trump. DeSantis has been an ardent supporter of Trump’s policies and accomplishments, and aligning himself with the popular former president can greatly impact his popularity among Republican voters. By portraying himself as a strong supporter of Trump’s agenda, DeSantis aims to solidify his position in the race and gain the trust of conservative voters who admire Trump’s leadership.


In light of the recent interview with Neil Kavo, it is evident that Ron DeSantis has no intentions of leaving the Republican Presidential race. Despite the surge in popularity for Nikki Haley, DeSantis remains steadfast in his determination to emerge as a strong contender. With his strong standing in Iowa and the backing of donors, he has the potential to turn the tide in his favor. Additionally, his alliance with Donald Trump could significantly boost his chances of success. Only time will tell if DeSantis can capitalize on these advantages and secure the Republican nomination, but for now, he remains a force to be reckoned with in the race for the presidency.

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