She thinks women should be PAID to exist 😏

Title: She Thinks Women Should Be Paid to Exist: A Review of Benny Johnson’s Provocative Video

Benny Johnson, a renowned video creator, has recently released a thought-provoking video that challenges societal norms. In this review, we will delve into the video’s central theme where a woke liberal feminist argues that women should be paid simply for existing. The speaker raises thought-provoking points regarding the unique abilities, contributions, and challenges faced by women in society. It is important to note that this review acknowledges the speaker’s personal beliefs and aims to provide an unbiased assessment of the video’s message.


  1. The Power of Women’s Bodies:
    Sub-heading: Recognizing the Incredible Ability to Create Life
    The speaker begins by appreciating the undeniable power possessed by women’s bodies to create life. This extraordinary ability is central to the argument for compensating women in society.

  2. Compensation for Motherhood:
    Sub-heading: Recognizing Motherhood as a Full-Time Job
    The speaker highlights that even after giving birth, women continue to face undeniable challenges and responsibilities. Being a mother is often a full-time job that demands considerable time, effort, and dedication. Therefore, women who have already had children should also be paid for their significant contributions.

  3. Offering Monthly Compensation:
    Sub-heading: Rewarding Women for Being Women
    The speaker proposes the idea of providing women with monthly incomes solely as compensation for being women. This compensation would acknowledge their unique abilities and contributions to society.

  4. The Speaker’s Opinion and Beliefs:
    Sub-heading: Personal Beliefs and Strong Feelings
    It is important to clarify that the speaker’s opinion is presented with a genuine belief, devoid of sarcasm or humor. The speaker expresses a passionate stance on the issue, implying that their viewpoint is not merely a casual suggestion.

  5. A Sense of Despair:
    Sub-heading: Hopelessness or Despair?
    While the speaker’s perspective may seem extreme to some, they convey a sense of hopelessness or despair, perhaps motivated by the current societal inequities experienced by women.

Benny Johnson’s thought-provoking video challenges societal norms and proposes the idea of compensating women for their mere existence. Although this perspective may seem radical to some, it is important to consider the underlying message: recognizing and valuing women’s unique abilities and contributions in society. While the proposal may face practical challenges and varying opinions, it sparks a much-needed conversation on the role of women and their deserved recognition. Johnson’s video successfully captures attention, urging viewers to question traditional concepts and explore new perspectives for a more equitable future.

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