SHOCKING Poll: 20% of 2020 Voters ADMIT Committing Fraud | ‘Most Secure Election?’


The 2020 election raised many concerns about the integrity of the voting process, particularly with mail-in voting. One video that shed light on these concerns was created by Benny Johnson, titled “SHOCKING Poll: 20% of 2020 Voters ADMIT Committing Fraud | ‘Most Secure Election?’”. In this review, I will discuss the alarming revelations presented in Johnson’s video and examine the implications of the findings.

Heading 1: The Startling Revelation

In Benny Johnson’s video, he shares eye-opening statistics about voter fraud in the 2020 election. According to a poll, an astounding 20% of voters admitted to committing fraudulent activities during the election. This revelation challenges the notion that the 2020 election was the most secure in American history.

Sub-heading 1: Fraudulent Ballots Sent to My Home

In the video, Johnson shares a personal experience where he received a stack of ballots at his home, despite them not belonging to him. This incident highlights a flaw in the system, as it raises questions about the accuracy and legitimacy of mail-in voting.

Sub-heading 2: Shocking Confessions

Johnson’s video also delves into the confessions of voters who admitted to engaging in fraudulent activities during the election. It is revealed that 1 in 5 voters confessed to filling out ballots for others or voting in states where they did not reside. These admissions bring to light the seriousness of the issue and the impact it may have had on the election’s outcome.

Heading 2: Mail-In Voting Fraud Proven

One of the concerns raised in the video is the validity of mail-in voting. Skeptics argued that this method could lead to increased fraud, and the findings presented by Johnson support their concerns. The revelations made in the video provide evidence that mail-in voting fraud did occur in the 2020 election.

Sub-heading 1: Overturning Election Results

Judges have had to intervene and overturn election results due to the presence of fraudulent ballots. The video highlights instances where the justice system had to step in and correct the outcome in response to the discovery of fraudulent activities. This underscores the importance of upholding the integrity of the voting process.

Sub-heading 2: Cash and Rewards for Ballots

An alarming aspect of the video is the revelation that some voters were offered cash or rewards in exchange for their ballots. This practice raises serious ethical concerns and further emphasizes the need for stricter measures to prevent such bribery from taking place.

Heading 3: Widespread Voter Fraud

Contrary to popular belief, voter fraud is not limited to specific political affiliations or states. The video showcases instances of fraudulent activities in both red and blue states, debunking the notion that voter fraud is exclusive to one party or region.

Sub-heading 1: CNN’s Accidental Discovery

In an unexpected turn of events, CNN caught voter fraud on live camera inadvertently. This accidental discovery exemplifies the prevalence of voter fraud and its ability to go undetected if not for these coincidental incidents.

Sub-heading 2: Is it the Most Fraudulent Election?

The overarching argument made in Benny Johnson’s video is that the 2020 election is the most fraudulent in American history. The statistics presented and the confessions of voters lend credence to this claim. It is crucial to address these issues to ensure the integrity of future elections.


Benny Johnson’s video sheds light on the alarming statistics and confessions regarding voter fraud in the 2020 election. The revelations challenge the narrative of the election being the most secure in American history. It is imperative that these concerns are addressed to maintain the integrity of the voting process and uphold democracy. The video serves as a wake-up call to implement stringent measures to prevent and combat voter fraud in future elections.

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