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Sidney Powell Press Release, Trump Speech on Election Fraud, Ted Cruz Supreme Court Letter

Sidney Powell joins forces with L. Lin Wood and releases new information about their Dominion voter fraud claims. President Trump addresses the election in newly released speech. Senator Ted Cruz sends a letter to the U.S. Supreme Court urging them to take action. And more! Join defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler to discuss and analyze recent developments and more election related legal news, including:

 • Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood host a press conference in Atlanta Georgia at Willis Park – analysis and reaction
 • In new written press release on December 1, 2020, Sidney Powell provides details about claims against Dominion’s election rigging with specificity
 • Discussion on ballot receipts in Georgia and software independent auditing and verification
 • President Donald Trump releases pre-recorded speech video addressing voter fraud – what did he say?
 • Senator Ted Cruz drafts letter to the U.S. Supreme Court urging them to get involved in Pennsylvania election issues
 • Your questions and live chat after the presentation!

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