Teens Violently ATTACK Woman, Media Ignores It

Thank you Just can't sit back and and tolerate This we we can't ignore this and act Like this is normal behavior you've seen Me and heard me talking about it for Months now on this show Social media Has radicalized young people And it has particularly Radicalized young black kids Without fathers without intact families That's who can get radicalized when all Of the messaging from social media and All the media Elites Are sitting on platforms over social Media on corporate media platforms Telling young black kids you're a victim You're old something White people are an impediment to your Happiness They're being radicalized And they're acting out in their Radicalized minds and doing crazy things Like jumping a woman this looked like a Group of 14 15 16 year olds Attacking a white woman for apparently No reason and I can't think of a reason That would justify what they did And it doesn't I don't care what she may Or may not have said And and I have no indication that the Woman did anything but let's say she Said something inappropriate That's not how you handle it

It it's just not The mayor of Chicago Uh the mayor elect he's not Lori Lightfoot is still in office but the Mayor elect the guy named Brandon Johnson I believe uh made some silly Comments that I think will let Delano Address but I I want to juxtapose That video of a bunch of Crazed radicalized insane teams jumping A young white woman and and corporate Media is ignoring this for the most part Juxtapose it to the kid in Kansas City I Believe his name is Ralph yarl Young African kid his parents I think Are from Africa kid was in the band he Goes to the wrong house in North Kansas City to pick up his siblings in an 84 Year old man Shoots him twice And apparently the this happens in the Evening not super late at night but in The evening and it turns out it's an 84 Year old white man Obviously this is Major news to the New York Times this is Major news to all the Corporate media Outlets because it's a Young black boy And it's an old white man And I think what happened here is Absolutely terrible The young boy is apparently going to Survive I believe he's recuperating at Home after spending several days in the

Hospital it looks like he's going to Survive But everybody has rallied around this Kid and we even have NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback one of my favorite players He's calling for justice for Ralph Yarrow And so there's all this pressure to Speak out and raise your voices and make Sure that Ralph Laurel gets Justice a Justice that I felt confident was going To come just based on the facts someone Can't ring your doorbell and you shoot Them Because you're not expecting them or They don't look the part I don't know What motivated the old man perhaps he's Been radicalized too I don't know But there is a chance because if you Listen to popular culture if you follow Music and television and and any of These social media platforms Young black kids are portrayed Constantly as a violent Threat to the safety of anybody so maybe This old white man has been radicalized No different than what I'm saying young Black kids have been radicalized I don't Know that's all to be discussed but what I can tell you is there's a complete Difference in the way people are Reacting to these incidents Their NFL quarterbacks are speaking out

On behalf of Ralph yarl and demanding That there's Justice and that this old White man be held accountable Are we aware and maybe I'm not paying close enough attention I Want our team here scour the internet Scour media everywhere Justin Fields anybody from Chicago Bears Putting out statements or being asked For statements For justice for the white woman who was Attacked by a bunch of crazed Radicalized teens Anybody in the NFL speaking out anybody In the NBA talking about What happened to the woman in Chicago But Ralph yarrow is Front Page News Everywhere this double standard cannot Continue it's not healthy for America It's not healthy for us it's not healthy For young kids an 84 year old white man Is being held to a Standard that he should be held to But young black kids are not Anything they do can be rationalized and Excused This cannot continue It's it's and it's part of the reason Why I was so pleased with uh Fearless Army and the roll call we did to gather Men who have put these surface level Identity issues away and just want to Serve God We need more of that that will benefit

Everyone And as Delano argues in his column today The solution is families everybody knows What's at the root of the chaos that Were seen in Chicago it's the Destruction of families But no one wants to talk about it we Want to pretend like nothing's wrong Here and that hey these kids have a Right to be angry at white people and They have a right to go loot Walgreens Or whatever store they want to They should be and again this is the Mindset to me of the liberal white Person Who thinks being black is a curse Who thinks being black is a horrible Existence in this world and people black People are getting on board with selling That message I don't buy that my skin color is a Blessing from God just like yours is Regardless of what color you are your White skin color or your lighter skin Color Is a blessing from God It's not a curse it's not something in America that relegates you to second Class status in this country anymore I can't it used to but not anymore we Need to quit lying to young people that That it does and that it justifies Unrighteous Behavior like what you saw Hit that like button subscribe and check

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