TENS OF PEOPLE show up for Dylan Mulvaney πŸ™ˆπŸ‘€

TENS OF PEOPLE show up for Dylan Mulvaney πŸ™ˆπŸ‘€

In the age of social media and viral videos, it’s not uncommon to see events and personalities receive their fair share of attention. However, not every event or person manages to capture the attention of the masses. One such video that has recently gained some attention is a video created by Benny Johnson, featuring an event where Dylan Mulvaney is expected to be the main attraction. But with reports of low attendance and cringe-worthy moments, the video has left many viewers confused and seeking answers.

Heading 1: Dillan Mulany’s $40,000 Speaker Fee

  • Despite the low turnout at the event, it is reported that Dylan Mulvaney commanded a hefty speaker fee of $40,000. This raises questions about their popularity and appeal.

Heading 2: A Disappointing Turnout

  • Attendance at the event is estimated to be at a dismal 10%. This low turnout further questions the level of interest in Dylan Mulvaney and the event itself.

Heading 3: Dylan Mulvaney’s Penn State Connection

  • While the event failed to attract a large crowd, Dylan Mulvaney is seen enthusiastically cheering for the Penn State Lions. This connection adds to the confusion surrounding their popularity and the tepid response to the event.

Heading 4: The Fashion Choices

  • In the video, Dylan Mulvaney’s outfit is highlighted, including a bando that boldly says “State,” showcasing their support for Penn State. The outfit includes clothing from cute and hype brands, a jacket, skirts, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. These fashion choices may be seen as an attempt to gain attention and appeal to a younger audience.

Heading 5: Doing Makeup in the Car

  • One interesting moment captured in the video is Dylan Mulvaney doing their own makeup in the car. This down-to-earth and relatable act adds a touch of authenticity amidst the confusion surrounding the event.

Heading 6: Cringe-worthy Moments

  • Unfortunately for Dylan Mulvaney, the video also features some cringe-worthy moments, leaving viewers cringing and questioning the success of the event. These moments are further contributing factors to the confusion expressed by the audience.

Heading 7: Seeking Clarity

  • In response to the video, many viewers have expressed their confusion and sought help in understanding the people and events featured in the video. This confusion indicates a disconnect between Dylan Mulvaney and their intended audience.

The video created by Benny Johnson featuring Dylan Mulvaney’s event has sparked interest due to its low attendance, cringe-worthy moments, and the confusion of its viewers. Despite commanding a $40,000 speaker fee, Dylan Mulvaney’s popularity and appeal come into question. From their fashion choices to their relatable moments like doing makeup in the car, there seems to be a disparity between expectations and reality. As viewers seek clarity, it is evident that TENS OF PEOPLE, rather than a captivated audience, showed up for Dylan Mulvaney.

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