‘That’s Nonsense’ – Anti-Trump Attorney George Conway Gets Wrecked On CNN

That’s Nonsense’ – Anti-Trump Attorney George Conway Gets Wrecked On CNN


I, Carmine Sabia, an anti-trumper and husband to Kellyanne Conway, am here to shed light on a recent debate that unfolded on CNN involving George Conway. George Conway, a well-known anti-Trump attorney, found himself tangled in a heated argument with CNN legal analyst Ellie Honig regarding Colorado’s decision to remove Trump from the ballot. The exchange was filled with fiery disagreements and conflicting interpretations of the 14th Amendment. Let’s delve deeper into the clash of these legal minds and assess the validity of their arguments.

  1. George Conway’s Initial Stance:

George Conway initially argued against the removal of Trump, but he faced significant pushback from liberals who view any association with Trump as unacceptable. Despite his reservations, Conway had a change of heart, possibly driven by the pressure to conform to the liberal narrative.

  1. Ellie Honig’s Disagreement:

Ellie Honig, a legal analyst on CNN, disagreed with the Colorado decision and expressed her belief that the Supreme Court would ultimately overturn it. Honig rejected Conway’s viewpoint and questioned his motives, accusing him of using Trump for personal gain and fame.

  1. Conway’s 14th Amendment Argument:

George Conway claims that the 14th Amendment provides grounds for Trump’s removal. However, Ellie Honig deftly refutes his arguments, pointing out the weaknesses and inconsistencies in his reasoning.

  1. Honig on the Independence of Section Three:

Ellie Honig argues that section three of the 14th Amendment is not contingent upon Congress, contrary to Conway’s claims. She asserts that disqualification under section three can be conducted by various entities and is not solely dependent on the authority of Congress.

  1. Weaknesses in Conway’s Arguments:

George Conway’s arguments against Trump’s disqualification are deemed weak and unsupported. Honig effectively dismantles his claims, leaving little room for rebuttal. Conway’s reliance on the 14th Amendment as a justification for disqualification is met with skepticism.

  1. The Supreme Court’s Dilemma:

The Supreme Court finds itself in a difficult position when attempting to avoid the consequences conveyed by the plain language of the 14th Amendment. While disqualification raises questions regarding section three and section five of the 14th Amendment, the Court will face challenges in navigating the murky territory between disqualification and the role of Congress.


In this intense debate on CNN, anti-Trump attorney George Conway was challenged by legal analyst Ellie Honig regarding Colorado’s decision to remove Trump from the ballot. Conway’s arguments based on the 14th Amendment were met with skepticism as Honig refuted his claims and questioned his motivations. As the situation unfolds, the Supreme Court will be faced with the delicate task of evaluating the implication of the 14th Amendment and its impact on disqualification and Congress’ jurisdiction. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how this debate will shape future discussions surrounding Trump’s eligibility and the interpretation of constitutional law.

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