The Bronx TURNS On Biden | The Hood Wants TRUMP | ‘Democrats are LYING!’


In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the political landscape of the Bronx. While traditionally a stronghold for the Democratic Party, there is growing discontent among Bronx voters, particularly in heavily Latino districts, regarding the economic policies of President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. As the prices continue to rise and economic conditions stagnate, many Bronx residents are now considering voting for former President Donald Trump and express support for his economic policies.

The Hood is Turning on Joe Biden and Democrats

One of the striking aspects of this political shift in the Bronx is the growing support for Donald Trump among Latino and black communities, as well as other minority groups and even some white voters. The reason behind this unexpected support lies in the positive economic experiences that these communities have witnessed during Trump’s presidency.

In the Bronx, the most heavily Latino district in New York City, there is an increasing mass of support for Donald Trump. Despite being a traditionally Democratic area, many Bronx voters express dissatisfaction with President Biden’s handling of the economy. They believe that prices are skyrocketing and their economic situations are not improving.

Positive Economic Experiences Shape Voting Decisions

The economic experiences of minority communities play a crucial role in shaping their voting decisions. For many Bronx voters, Trump’s economic policies were seen as more beneficial than those of Biden. They argue that Trump was better for the economy and want him to run for president again. The belief in Trump’s ability to bring economic prosperity is widespread among normal people on the streets of the Bronx, regardless of their party affiliation.

Democrats Are Losing Ground

The increasing support for Trump among Bronx voters is not limited to traditionally Republican voters. Even Democrats are now considering voting for Trump due to his successful economic policies. This shift in allegiance underscores the fact that economic well-being transcends party lines. While some may argue that the support for Trump is limited to a few cherry-picked examples, the reality is that this support is growing and can no longer be ignored by political strategists.

Real Conversations with Voters are Key

To effectively address this changing political landscape, Republicans should base their actions and messaging on real conversations with Bronx voters. It is crucial to listen to the concerns and aspirations of minority communities and develop policies and initiatives that cater to their needs. By doing so, Republicans can build a bridge of trust and establish themselves as viable alternatives in the political arena.

‘Democrats Are Lying!’

A notable aspect of the Bronx’s turning tide is the criticism that many voters express towards the Democratic Party. The dissatisfaction with President Biden’s handling of the economy has created a sense that Democrats are not living up to their promises. This sentiment is widespread among Bronx voters, cutting across racial and ethnic lines.


The political landscape in the Bronx is shifting, and Joe Biden and the Democrats are feeling the repercussions of their economic policies. The growing support for Donald Trump among minority communities and even some Democrats highlights the importance of prioritizing economic well-being in political decision-making. By engaging in real conversations with voters, Republicans can capitalize on this changing tide and present themselves as viable alternatives for the Bronx and beyond.

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