The Democrat Party is ‘America LAST’


In today’s political landscape, it is important to examine the actions and priorities of each party. This article delves into the notion that the Democrat Party appears to prioritize trashing Americans, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, over addressing hate overseas. By exploring several instances where Biden’s actions raise eyebrows, such as his avoidance of criticizing extremist radical Maga Republicans while failing to do the same with the Islam Nai regime and Palestinian Liberation Organization, we can gain a better understanding of the party’s stance. Additionally, the content highlights the need for people to assimilate into American culture rather than expecting the country to conform to diverse cultures. If this trend continues, the potential destruction of American culture becomes imminent.

The Democrat Party’s Selective Criticism

One striking aspect of the Democrat Party’s approach is the apparent double standard when it comes to criticism. While Biden avoids criticizing extremist radical Maga Republicans, he fails to exhibit the same restraint in his dealings with the Islam Nai regime and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. This bias raises questions regarding the party’s priorities and diplomatic efforts.

Biden’s Labeling of Moderates

Referring to Mohammad Abas, the orchestrator of the Munich Olympics massacre, as a moderate drew considerable attention. While it is vital to promote peaceful dialogue and understanding, this instance showcases a possible inconsistency in the Democrat Party’s approach to moderates. It prompts further examination of the values and principles upheld by the party.

Biden’s Silence on Hezbollah

Another perplexing aspect of the Democrat Party’s stance is the failure to condemn Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization. While Biden readily criticizes Republicans, the silence surrounding this extremist group raises concerns about the party’s commitment to combating hate and terrorism.

Assimilation into American Culture

This article also highlights the importance of cultural assimilation in America. Rather than expecting the country to conform to diverse cultures, it is essential for individuals to assimilate into American culture. This promotes unity and a sense of identity. By embracing American values, traditions, and the English language, individuals can contribute positively to society while upholding their unique personal backgrounds.

Imminent Destruction of American Culture

If the trend of prioritizing other cultures and trashing American values continues, the potential destruction of American culture becomes a significant concern. It is crucial for the Democrat Party to balance inclusivity and diversity with the preservation of American traditions and values. Otherwise, the country may lose its distinct cultural identity and face internal divisions.

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In conclusion, the Democrat Party’s priorities are brought into question when observing their tendency to prioritize trashing Americans over addressing hate overseas. Biden’s selective criticism, failure to condemn certain extremist groups, and approach to moderation raise concerns about the party’s stance. This article also emphasizes the importance of cultural assimilation into American society and highlights the potential destruction of American culture if the current trend continues. Seeking alternative news sources such as BlazeTV can provide a more nuanced understanding of current events and diverse perspectives.