The Moment Trump PROVED Obama Was A FRAUD | Obama Called-Out To His FACE | It All Makes Sense Now…

Title: The Moment Trump PROVED Obama Was A FRAUD | Obama Called-Out To His FACE | It All Makes Sense Now…


As an observer of the political landscape, I have witnessed various controversies and revelations that have caused quite a stir. One such episode involves former President Barack Obama and his alleged deceitful actions during his time in office. In this article, I will examine the claims made by Joe Biden’s critics that Obama knew about his controversial schemes in Ukraine and China. Additionally, I will explore the longstanding relationship between the Biden and Obama families and shed light on how Barack Obama’s own biographer, David Garrow, has accused him of deception for the sake of power.

Claim 1: Joe Biden couldn’t pull off schemes in Ukraine and China without Obama’s knowledge and support.

It is no secret that Joe Biden faced significant scrutiny regarding his involvement with foreign entities, particularly in Ukraine and China. Critics argue that such schemes couldn’t have taken place without the awareness and support of Barack Obama. By examining the evidence surrounding these claims, it becomes apparent that Obama’s knowledge of Biden’s actions cannot be ignored.

  • Emails and testimonies reveal that Biden had frequent contact with his son’s business ventures, raising suspicions that Obama was aware of these dealings.
  • The Biden and Obama families enjoyed a close relationship, which would make it unlikely for Obama to be ignorant of Biden’s activities.
  • The significance of Obama’s involvement is reinforced when considering the power dynamics between a vice president and a president.

Claim 2: An article by David Garrow, Obama’s personal biographer, reveals that Barack Obama has lied and manufactured his life for power.

David Garrow, renowned biographer of Barack Obama, has recently published an article that questions the authenticity of Obama’s persona. According to Garrow’s research, Obama has strategically crafted a persona that aligns with his political ambitions, sometimes at the expense of the truth.

  • Garrow meticulously documents instances where Obama has misrepresented his personal history for political gain.
  • The article suggests that Obama’s fabrications are calculated tactics to shape public opinion and consolidate power.
  • Garrow’s conclusions indicate that Obama has a vested interest in maintaining control and is unlikely to willingly relinquish it.

Claim 3: Garrow concludes that Obama has no interest in giving up his power.

As Garrow delves deeper into Obama’s actions and motivations, he emerges with a disturbing revelation – Obama has no intention of relinquishing his power once out of office.

  • Garrow’s analysis of Obama’s post-presidential activities indicates a continued involvement in shaping political narratives and influencing policy.
  • Through his foundation and various initiatives, Obama maintains a strong presence in the public eye, suggesting that he is still very much engaged in political affairs.
  • The implications of Garrow’s conclusions suggest that Obama may be biding his time to reassert himself in the political arena.

Claim 4: Obama has been running the White House behind the scenes.

The idea that Obama has been pulling the strings behind the scenes is not a far-fetched conspiracy theory but a notion supported by observations made by seasoned political watchers.

  • Insiders in Washington, including members of the DC press corps, have noted that Obama retains significant influence within his party and government.
  • Obama’s strategic endorsements and behind-the-scenes maneuvering during the 2020 election further reinforce the notion of his continued involvement.
  • While Biden’s cognitive decline raises concerns, Obama’s readiness to reassert himself adds another dimension to this ongoing political saga.


The claims surrounding Obama’s alleged deceit and manipulation evoke a sense of intrigue and raise questions about the true nature of his presidency. As evidenced by the revelations put forth by Joe Biden’s critics and David Garrow’s research, there is substantial cause to question the motives and actions of the former president. While the truth may never be fully uncovered, it is clear that Donald Trump’s collision with the Obama administration shed some light on the behind-the-scenes maneuvers and potential deception that so intricately connect these political figures.

Intriguingly, despite the allegations and evidence, Obama has managed to remain a powerful political force even after leaving the Oval Office. Regardless of one’s political opinions, it is crucial to scrutinize the actions of those in power and hold them accountable for any deceitful behaviors that may undermine the integrity of the office. Only through transparency and thorough investigation can we truly understand the full extent of Obama’s influence and the implications it holds for our democracy.

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