Top Aide Bails on Biden Regime

Well Susan Rice one of Joe Biden's top Advisors has sensationally resigned from Her position at the White House Keep watching to learn more about the Latest blow to the Biden regime now your Freedom is at stake get the news that Impacts America tap subscribe below to Preserve it my name is Elijah Shafer the Bite Administration has suffered another Significant blow as former U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice announced a resignation from her Position as a domestic policy advisor to Joe Biden take a look We've got some news this morning from The White House Susan Rice President Biden's domestic policy advisor is Stepping down from her post next month During her more than two years in that Role rice oversaw the president's Domestic agenda in a statement this Morning President Biden also thanked Rice for her contributions to U.S Foreign policy noting her time as National Security adviser and U.N Ambassador Rice's last day in the white House will be May 26th according to a Senior Administration official The announcement has sent shockwaves to The White House as rice has been a key Player in the bite administration's Legislative and executive actions since Assuming her position the news has sent Political pundits scrambling to assess

The impact of Rice's departure will have On the Biden regime Now Susan Rice was a high-ranking Democrat who had been serving as Joe Biden's domestic policy advisor she had Been instrumental in shaping and Implementing many of the bite Administration's policies on key Democratic issues including Health Care Gun safety police reform and student Loans among others Rice's resignation Has come as a severe blow to the Biden Regime which has already been facing a Crisis of Confidence from the American People although it remains unclear who Will be appointed to replace rice the Bite Administration is likely to face Significant challenges in finding a Candidate that matches with what rice Brought to her position some insiders Have speculated that her departure could Be a sign of Greater tension behind the Scenes this is as the administration Struggles to find the footing following A difficult start to the Biden team in Office Now Rice's resignation has set political Shock waves through the Biden Administration which is already Struggling to gain the trust and support Of the American people Rice's departure Has left the White House reeling and Many are questioning what effect it will Have on the administration's ability to

Enact its policies however despite the Uncertainty and speculation surrounding The reasons for her resignation one Thing is clear the Biden Administration Has suffered another significant blow And remains to be seen with the Long-term consequences will be let's Continue this conversation in the Comments below for the next I'm Elijah Shafer have a Good night Thank you for watching that report There's a war and a recession cracks Will appear soon and guess who's going To be hit the hardest that's right you The situation will only get worse so you Must protect yourself and your family And you can get help from Noble gold Investments you can't afford to lose Your savings and investment because of Wars tariffs and sanctions gold and Silver from Noble gold Investments are Real Treasures during Times Like These The feeling of being outside the system When things go wrong is a great one Every qualifying Ira of 50 000 or more Will get a beautiful one-quarter ounce Beautiful Gold Eagle bullion coin Noble Gold Investments has thousands of Five-star reviews so you can't go wrong And in the description box below you'll Find the link tap more if you're using a Mobile device we'll see you at the next Report for the next News Network I'm

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