Top Democrat Goes Rogue – Joe Biden Election Is A ‘Threat To Democracy’


In a recent video created by Explain America, Dean Phillips, a prominent Democrat, has stirred controversy by criticizing Joe Biden and declaring his election as a “threat to democracy.” Phillips voices his concerns about Biden’s falling approval ratings and his alleged suppression of other candidates, which he believes poses risks to the democratic process. In this review, we will delve into the key points raised by Phillips and explore the implications of his bold statements.

Dean Phillips’s Critique of Joe Biden

Falling Approval Numbers and Suppression of Candidates

According to Phillips, Biden’s declining approval numbers and his alleged attempts to stifle competition within the Democratic Party are alarming signs for democracy. He argues that a healthy democratic process requires open debates and the inclusion of different voices, which he feels Biden’s campaign is intent on shutting down.

Stifled Competition and Disenfranchisement

Phillips asserts that stifling competition and disenfranchising voters go against the fundamental principles of democracy. He suggests that those who blindly believe in the notion that Biden can easily defeat former President Donald Trump are collectively jeopardizing the democratic process by not recognizing the potential risks involved.

Wake-up Call to Recognize Potential Tragedy

The top Democrat emphasizes the urgent need for people to wake up and acknowledge the potential tragedy if Biden’s electability is overestimated once again. While Phillips respects Biden as a good man, he believes that others are distorting the reality of his chances in a general election. He urges the public not to underestimate the power of an informed and thoughtful primary process to identify the candidate with the best chance of winning.

Support Based on Polling Data

Phillips makes it clear that he is willing to support Joe Biden if polling data suggests that he is ahead of Trump. However, he emphasizes the importance of a fair and transparent process within the Democratic Party that allows candidates to challenge Biden and ensures a democratic decision-making process.

Lack of Democracy Within the Democratic Party

Highlighting what he perceives as a lack of democracy within the Democratic Party, Phillips points out that challenging Biden is not something commonly allowed or encouraged. He expresses his concern over the hypocrisy of the party, claiming to be champions of democracy while suppressing competition among their own ranks.


In the video created by Explain America, Dean Phillips, a respected Democrat, boldly criticized Joe Biden by labeling his election as a “threat to democracy.” Phillips raises concerns about Biden’s falling approval numbers, the alleged suppression of other candidates, and the potential risks posed to democracy. While he acknowledges Biden as a good man, Phillips believes that the reality of his electability is being distorted. He advocates for a fair and transparent primary process to ensure the identification of the candidate with the best chance of winning. Phillips underlines the need to reassess the perception of Biden’s electability and calls for utmost vigilance to protect the democratic principles that underpin our society.

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