Top Trump Advisor REVEALS Strategy To END The Deep State


In a thought-provoking video created by Benny Johnson, one of the most renowned content creators in the political realm, a highly intriguing discussion takes place. Johnson sits down with Stephen Miller, a policy mastermind and former member of the Trump team, to shed light on a pressing issue: the deep state. Miller, now serving as the leader of America First Legal, delves into the gravity of the situation, providing insights into how he believes the deep state can be effectively dismantled. This article aims to present a comprehensive review of this captivating video while incorporating relevant topics, such as Miller’s admiration for Donald Trump’s political brilliance and his concerns regarding the erosion of the First Amendment.

High IQ Planning and Strategy in Politics

Miller emphasizes the significance of employing high IQ planning and strategy in the political arena. He firmly believes that successful endeavors against the deep state require meticulous preparation and an astute understanding of the intricacies of policy-making. Miller’s approach is rooted in a careful analysis of the situation, considering every potential obstacle and crafting strategies to overcome them effectively.

In discussing the indictment of the 45th president and the alleged intent to imprison him, Miller presents a perspective that views it as an effort to silence and imprison someone for merely expressing unacceptable thoughts. He criticizes this level of persecution, deeming it unprecedented and a direct threat to the very essence of democracy and freedom.

The Erosion of the First Amendment

One of the most pressing concerns Miller raises is the erosion of the First Amendment and the criminalization of speech. He keenly observes a growing pattern whereby misinformation and disinformation can now lead to imprisonment. Miller argues that the current atmosphere paints a grim picture, where expressing unpopular opinions or sharing information that challenges the mainstream narrative can result in severe consequences.

Miller stresses the importance of the First Amendment as the cornerstone of American democracy, allowing individuals to freely express their thoughts and beliefs. The criminalization of speech stymies open discussion and poses a threat to the fundamental rights upon which this country was built.

Unveiling the Deep State

Throughout the conversation, Miller sheds light on the deep state and its pervasive influence within the government. He delves into the intricate mechanisms through which this shadowy entity operates, contrary to the interests and will of the American people. Miller suggests that effectively confronting the deep state requires a well-coordinated effort, relying on the support and engagement of patriotic individuals who prioritize the preservation of American values and the pursuit of truth.

Trump’s Political Brilliance and the Path Forward

In discussing the deep state, Miller takes the opportunity to praise Donald Trump’s brilliance as a politician. He highlights Trump’s uncanny ability to connect with people, drawing massive crowds and engendering a fervent following. Miller posits that Trump’s unwavering commitment to placing America first posed a significant threat to the entrenched interests of the deep state, thus leading to their relentless opposition.

Through the video, Miller not only reveals the strategies he believes can bring an end to the deep state but also calls upon individuals to take an active part in this endeavor. He emphasizes the importance of unity, perseverance, and a steadfast dedication to the values that define America.


Stephen Miller’s discussion with Benny Johnson offers profound insights into the deep state and the strategies needed to dismantle their influence. Miller’s emphasis on high IQ planning, concerns about the erosion of the First Amendment and criminalization of speech, and his admiration for Trump’s political brilliance provide a comprehensive overview of his perspective. As we navigate through the complex political landscape, Miller’s warnings and suggestions serve as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding the foundations upon which our democracy stands. The video serves as a call to action, urging individuals to rally together in the fight against the deep state and reclaim the principles and values that define America.

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