Trump Files Criminal Complaint In GA, Says Case Has Been Made, “Big Things” Coming Next Couple Days

Georgia Georgia Georgia!

That’s where State Republican Chairman David Schafer and Donald Trump filed the latest lawsuit on Friday, and its jam packed with substance.

The criminal complaint filed in Fulton County alleges quote “systemic failure” where tens of thousands of votes cast in the presidential election were fraudulent, violating the state election code.

The complaint also highlights the reduced scrutiny applied to mail-in ballots through the unconstitutional litigation filed by Democrats in the state, and also the various difficulties contesting ballots during tabulation.

It alleges that the fraudulent votes include 2,560 felons, 66,247 underage registrants on voter rolls, 2,423 people who were NOT on the state’s voter rolls, 4,926 voters who had registered in another state after they registered in Georgia, making them ineligible, 395 people who cast votes in another state for the same election, 15,700 voters who had filed a national change of address without re-registering, 40,279 people who had moved counties without re-registering, 1,043 people who claimed the impossibility of a PO Box as their address, 98 people who registered after the deadline, 10,315 who were deceased on election day (most of which who were registered dead before their votes were accepted), and the list goes on and on.

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