Trump says Nancy Pelosi is RESPONSIBLE FOR J6 👀


In a recent video created by Benny Johnson, former President Donald Trump expressed his belief that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the events that took place on January 6th, commonly known as the Capitol Hill riot. Trump questions why help was not sent by Pelosi during the incident, highlighting her role in the response to the breach. This article will delve into Trump’s statements and the implications they hold for Pelosi’s accountability.

Pelosi’s Refusal for Assistance

One of the key points raised by Trump in the video is the claim that Nancy Pelosi declined the request for assistance made by the Mayor of D.C. and others during the January 6th incident. It is alleged that the Capitol Police expressed their desire for help, but Pelosi refused it.

  • The Mayor of D.C., along with other officials, requested assistance from the National Guard to quell the unrest. However, according to reports, Pelosi declined their request, raising questions about her actions and decisions during that critical time.

Trump Holds Pelosi Accountable

Donald Trump directly holds Nancy Pelosi responsible for the events that unfolded on January 6th. He suggests that Pelosi’s role, as the House Speaker, was to protect the Capitol, making her accountable for any breaches or security lapses.

  • The Chief of Police at the Capitol has also expressed his belief that Pelosi had a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the Capitol on that day. This raises further questions about her actions and potential negligence.

The Need for Pelosi’s Testimony

Trump goes a step further and raises concerns about accountability. He calls for Nancy Pelosi to testify regarding the events of January 6th. According to Trump, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of Pelosi’s actions and decision-making process during the riot.

  • The former President believes that not only should law enforcement agencies investigate the individuals who breached the Capitol, but they must also look into Pelosi’s potential involvement. Trump suggests that Pelosi may have been trespassing in terms of her responsibilities and actions.

Investigating Pelosi’s Involvement

The video by Benny Johnson has sparked questions regarding the investigation of Nancy Pelosi’s role in the Capitol breach. With Trump raising concerns, there is a growing demand for a comprehensive inquiry into Pelosi’s actions and her potential responsibility for the events that transpired.

  • While Trump’s statements may be seen as politically motivated, they highlight the need for a thorough investigation into the actions of all individuals involved in the January 6th incident, including Nancy Pelosi.
  • It is essential to determine whether Pelosi’s decisions, or lack thereof, contributed in any way to the breach and subsequent chaos at the Capitol.

Holding Pelosi Responsible

Donald Trump suggests that Nancy Pelosi needs to be held responsible for her actions during the events of January 6th. He argues that accountability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the democratic system and ensuring that those in power are held to the same standards as anyone else.

  • Trump’s call for Pelosi to be held responsible aligns with his stance on justice and accountability. It remains to be seen how these claims will be addressed and if any formal investigations will take place.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s recent video, created by Benny Johnson, brings to light his belief that Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the events that unfolded on January 6th. Trump questions Pelosi’s refusal for assistance and calls for her testimony in order to ascertain her level of involvement. While it is important to consider the motivations behind Trump’s statements, they raise valid concerns regarding Pelosi’s actions and accountability. As the investigations into the Capitol breach continue, it remains to be seen how these assertions will be explored and addressed.

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