Tucker: “Deep State Will Start WAR With Russia To Keep Power in 2024”

Tucker: “Deep State Will Start WAR With Russia To Keep Power in 2024”


In recent times, Tucker Carlson, the popular independent journalist and host of a renowned news show, has been making shocking claims about the possible outbreak of war between the United States and Russia. According to him, the Deep State, an alleged secret organization within the government, is planning to initiate this conflict to maintain its control and power in the upcoming 2024 elections. With a massive following of 10 million on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, he has gained an influential platform to voice his concerns and theories. Let’s delve into the details of his beliefs and the controversy surrounding them.

The Warning from Tucker Carlson

  1. Tucker Carlson has emerged as one of the most influential and powerful independent journalists of our time. With his unique style and critical analysis, he has attracted a large following of 10 million viewers on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight.
  2. Over the years, Carlson has expressed his apprehensions about the secretive Deep State. He firmly believes that this hidden group’s objective is to manipulate events and maintain control over the government.
  3. One of the subjects that Tucker Carlson has extensively explored is the assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK). According to him, the Deep State played a crucial role in the murder, and this event serves as a stark reminder of their influence over the nation’s affairs.
  4. Carlson’s boldness in discussing controversial topics has raised questions about his safety. Some individuals speculate that by speaking the truth, he may be putting himself at risk.
  5. Recently, in an interview, Tucker Carlson made a striking statement, claiming that the United States is on a trajectory towards a hot war with Russia. He argues that this war is essential for the Deep State to assert its control and maintain power.

Carlson’s Beliefs on the Deep State’s Motives

  1. According to Tucker Carlson, an emergency situation is necessary for the Deep State to justify retaining power. By creating a hot war with Russia, the Deep State aims to utilize war powers and solidify their influence over the nation.
  2. In his analysis, Carlson emphasizes the need to apply pressure on the Republican-held Senate to promote peace in Ukraine. He argues that avoiding conflict with Russia is crucial to prevent the Deep State from achieving its desired war.


Tucker Carlson’s claim about the Deep State initiating a war with Russia to maintain power in the 2024 elections has stirred significant controversy. With his large following and unique perspective, he continues to challenge mainstream narratives and shed light on hidden aspects of government operations. While some question the validity of his theories, others appreciate his efforts to expose the alleged workings of the Deep State. As events unfold, only time will tell if Carlson’s warnings hold any truth, but his influence in shaping public opinion cannot be underestimated.

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