Tucker: “We Have Proof Obama was Having Sex With Men, Smoking Crack…”

Welcome to our blog post, where we delve into the controversial claims surrounding Tucker’s assertion that “We Have Proof Obama was Having Sex With Men, Smoking Crack…” In this article, we explore the sources and evidence presented, aiming to provide a balanced perspective on the topic. Our goal is to explore the validity of these allegations and present a comprehensive analysis of the situation. Join us as we navigate through the details and shed light on this provocative issue.


In recent years, there have been controversial claims surfacing about the personal life of former President Barack Obama. These claims, ranging from alleged encounters with men to drug use, have sparked intense debate and speculation. Among those who have brought these allegations to light is Tucker Carlson, a prominent conservative commentator and host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News. Carlson recently made headlines by claiming to have proof that Obama engaged in gay sex and smoked crack cocaine. In this article, we will delve deeper into the claims made by Carlson and others, examining the evidence and implications surrounding this intriguing topic.

Tucker Carlson Reveals Claims about Obama’s Past

One of the key figures in the discussion surrounding Obama’s alleged past actions is Larry Sinclair. In 2008, Sinclair came forward with sensational allegations, stating that he had intimate encounters with Obama during their time spent in Chicago. While Sinclair’s credibility has been questioned due to his criminal record and disordered life, Carlson believes that his claims hold some merit.

Furthermore, Obama’s biographer, David Garrow, has added fuel to the fire by asserting that Obama’s life is a manufactured lie. Garrow claims that Obama fantasized about sleeping with men, and that an authentic letter from Obama to his ex-girlfriend discussing his attraction to men is unquestioned. These revelations lend credence to the idea that there may be an untold chapter in Obama’s personal history.

The Media’s Reluctance to Report

One of the most striking aspects of this controversy is the media’s reluctance to extensively report on Obama’s past. Carlson has been vocal about the fact that many reputable news outlets have chosen to ignore these allegations due to fear of losing access to the Obama campaign. This raises questions about the integrity of the media and its role in holding politicians accountable.

The Ecosystem of Deception

The focus of the discussion surrounding Obama’s alleged past is not on his personal preferences, but rather on the ecosystem that appears to protect him from scrutiny. Carlson suggests that there is a network of individuals and institutions working to shield Obama’s secrets from coming to light. This notion raises concerns about the transparency and accountability of the government and its relationship with the media.


In conclusion, the claims made by Tucker Carlson and Larry Sinclair regarding Barack Obama’s alleged involvement in gay sex and drug use have created a significant stir. While Sinclair’s credibility has been questioned, the fact that Obama’s biographer, David Garrow, has corroborated some of these claims raises eyebrows. The media’s reluctance to report on Obama’s past, as discussed by Carlson, shines a light on the potential manipulation and control exerted by the government over the press. Regardless of one’s stance on these allegations, it is essential to explore the potential ramifications for society, the media, and the political landscape as a whole.

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