VIRAL: Orangutan Flings Possum Off of Tower


In a shocking incident captured at Perth Zoo, an orangutan was caught on video flinging a possum off of a tower. This video quickly went viral, with spectators at the zoo screaming in horror as the orangutan ruthlessly attacked the possum. The possum, surprisingly, managed to escape and run off. This event has sparked intense debates and discussions about animal behavior and human reactions. In this article, we will delve into the details of this unforgettable event.

The Video that Went Viral

The video that caused a stir on the internet features an orangutan at Perth Zoo engaging in an aggressive act towards a possum. Spectators visiting the zoo were left horrified as they witnessed this brutal incident unfold before their eyes. The video captures the orangutan grabbing the possum, forcefully flinging it off of a tower. The strength displayed by the orangutan is evident as it hurls the possum a great distance.

Disturbing or Funny?

The incident captured in the video has led to a wide range of reactions from viewers. While some find it disturbing and distressing to watch, others find it oddly amusing. This stark contrast in perceptions highlights the diversity of human reactions to animal behavior. Some argue that the video serves as a reminder of the harsh reality of the animal kingdom, where acts of aggression and survival occur regularly.

The Escape of the Possum

Remarkably, the possum managed to escape and run away after being flung by the orangutan. This unexpected turn of events brings relief to those who found the situation distressing. However, it is essential to consider the potential injuries the possum may have sustained from the fall. The forceful impact could have caused internal injuries that may not be immediately apparent.

The Orangutan’s Territorial Instincts

Experts suggest that the orangutan’s behavior could be attributed to territorial instincts. As wild animals, orangutans establish and defend their territories. The presence of the possum near the orangutan’s habitat may have triggered a territorial response, leading to the aggressive act. Understanding the natural instincts of animals can offer insights into their behavior in captive settings.

The Pronunciation Debate

In the aftermath of the video going viral, an unexpected debate emerged surrounding the correct pronunciation of “orangutan.” Some pronounce it as “orang-oo-tan,” while others prefer “orang-uh-tan.” Linguists and zoologists have differing opinions on the matter. Regardless of the pronunciation, the incident involving the orangutan and the possum garnered significant attention.

A Blessing in Disguise for the Possum?

Ironically, being thrown into another enclosure may have saved the possum from further harm. While the initial act appeared violent and alarming, the possum’s transfer to another enclosure may have potentially protected it from the territorial aggression of the orangutan. It is crucial to analyze and comprehend the dynamics of animal interactions in order to make informed judgments and interpretations.

Sparking Discussions on Animal Behavior and Human Reactions

This bewildering incident has ignited widespread discussions about animal behavior and human responses to such occurrences. The video’s virality serves as a catalyst for conversations surrounding the natural instincts of animals and how they relate to their captive environments. Additionally, the contrasting reactions of viewers provoke contemplation on the varying perspectives people hold regarding animal interactions and the ethical considerations they entail.

In conclusion, the video capturing an orangutan flinging a possum off of a tower at Perth Zoo has captured public attention and sparked intense debates. While some find the incident disturbing, others find it oddly amusing. Experts speculate that the orangutan’s behavior stems from territorial instincts, highlighting the importance of understanding the natural behaviors of animals in captive settings. The possum’s escape and transfer to another enclosure add an unexpected twist to the story, potentially saving it from further harm. Overall, this event serves as a starting point for discussions on animal behavior and human reactions in the modern world.