Vivek SHATTERS J6 narrative LIVE on CNN

Vivek SHATTERS J6 narrative LIVE on CNN


Hey there! It’s me, Vivek. Today, I want to discuss my recent appearance on CNN, where I had the opportunity to shatter the narrative surrounding the events of January 6th. It was an intense moment, but hey, I’m all about speaking the truth and setting the record straight. So, let’s dive in.

  1. CNN asked me about January 6 live on air:

Imagine my surprise when CNN invited me to share my perspective on the events of January 6th. They wanted to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, folks, that’s exactly what they got.

  1. I used the phrase “inside job” to describe what happened on January 6th:

During my discussion, I didn’t shy away from using strong language to describe what I believe truly happened on that fateful day. I called it an “inside job” because I believe there were forces at play within our own government that contributed to the chaos.

  1. Federal law enforcement agents were present, but we don’t know how many:

One thing that has always bothered me about the narrative surrounding January 6th is our lack of knowledge about the presence of federal law enforcement agents. Sure, we saw some Capitol police officers, but what about others? How many were really there, and what were their roles?

  1. Footage of shooting rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd was suppressed:

Here’s a bombshell for you: the footage of law enforcement shooting rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd was buried. It raises serious questions about the handling of the situation and the force used by those in power.

  1. Previously, the response to the crowd was shown, but not the actions of law enforcement:

It’s no secret that the media has played a significant role in shaping the narrative around January 6th. Before my appearance on CNN, much of what we saw revolved around the response of the crowd. But what about the actions of law enforcement? That’s an aspect that was conveniently left out.

  1. Video footage shows Capitol police being allowed in through the front gate:

Now, this is a revelation that can’t be ignored. In the video footage I presented on CNN, we clearly see Capitol police officers being allowed through the front gate. This raises questions about their complicity and whether they played a role in facilitating the events that unfolded.

I don’t want to interrupt, but I don’t want to mislead the audience:

During my appearance, I made it a point not to interrupt the conversation, but at the same time, I didn’t want to mislead viewers. It was essential for me to present the evidence I had gathered and let the truth speak for itself.

The mainstream media has been misleading the audience:

One glaring issue that needs to be addressed is the role of the mainstream media in misleading the audience regarding January 6th. It’s unfortunate that rather than seeking the truth, they have chosen to shape public opinion based on their own agendas.


In conclusion, my appearance on CNN shattered the narrative surrounding January 6th. I brought forth evidence and presented a different perspective that challenges the mainstream media’s narrative. It’s important for us to keep seeking the truth and hold those in power accountable. Let’s not forget that the events of January 6th are filled with complexities, and it’s our responsibility to unravel them for a clearer understanding. Stay informed, stay curious, and together, we can piece together the full picture.

Remember, the truth shall set us free!

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