What would YOU SAY to Trigger Her???


In this article, we will be reviewing a captivating and thought-provoking YouTube video created by BlazeTV, a popular online platform that offers engaging content to its viewers. The video, titled “What would YOU SAY to Trigger Her???”, aims to encourage viewers to watch more BlazeTV YouTube videos while promoting the brand new ad-free ‘Blaze News’ website. It also invites viewers to subscribe to BlazeTV, join the BlazeTV community, and explore the Blaze Media merchandise available for purchase. Additionally, the video suggests signing up for the newsletter and provides links to connect with BlazeTV on various social media platforms. With the use of hashtags such as #jasonwhitlock, #blazetv, #shorts, #thanksgivingbreak, #thanksgivingdinner, #woke, and #blazemedia, the video captures the essence of challenging societal norms and sparking conversations during Thanksgiving gatherings.

Triggering Conversations with BlazeTV

  1. The Power of Video Content

In today’s digital age, video content has become a powerful medium to captivate and engage audiences. BlazeTV recognizes this and has produced an intriguing YouTube video that aims to trigger discussions and thoughts among viewers.

  1. Encouraging Viewership

The primary objective of this video is to encourage viewers to dive deeper into the world of BlazeTV by watching more of their content. By showcasing the compelling nature of their videos, BlazeTV entices viewers to explore a vast array of topics and engage with their platform.

  1. Introducing ‘Blaze News’

Alongside promoting their YouTube channel, the video also introduces the brand new ad-free ‘Blaze News’ website. This platform offers a seamless browsing experience where viewers can delve into informative and unbiased news articles, opinion pieces, and analysis.

  1. Subscribing to BlazeTV

To ensure viewers never miss out on captivating content, they are encouraged to subscribe to BlazeTV on YouTube. Subscribers gain access to an array of premium shows and series, enabling them to stay informed and entertained.

  1. Joining the BlazeTV Community

Aside from subscribing, the video invites viewers to join the BlazeTV community. This inclusive community encourages open-minded discussions and provides a platform for individuals to share their thoughts and opinions freely.

  1. Blaze Media Merchandise

For those who wish to show their support for BlazeTV, the video offers Blaze Media merchandise for purchase. By wearing these items, viewers can proudly embrace the BlazeTV community and showcase their shared values.

  1. Signing Up for the Newsletter

To stay up-to-date with the latest news, updates, and special offers, viewers are encouraged to sign up for the BlazeTV newsletter. This ensures they receive regular communication and exclusive content directly in their inbox.

  1. Connecting on Social Media

Recognizing the importance of social media platforms, the video provides links for viewers to connect with BlazeTV on various networks. Engaging with BlazeTV’s social media accounts allows viewers to participate in ongoing discussions and interact with like-minded individuals.

  1. Thanksgiving Reflections

As the video progresses, the speaker expresses their desire for a Thanksgiving dinner where individuals can freely challenge any racist or inappropriate behavior. The use of hashtags such as #thanksgivingbreak and #thanksgivingdinner encourages viewers to reflect on their own experiences and consider creating an environment that fosters open dialogue.


BlazeTV’s “What would YOU SAY to Trigger Her???” video successfully captures the attention of viewers and encourages them to explore more of their content. Through thought-provoking discussions, the video sparks conversations during Thanksgiving gatherings, challenging societal norms and promoting inclusivity. By offering additional features such as the ‘Blaze News’ website, merchandise, community engagement, and social media connections, BlazeTV provides avenues for viewers to further immerse themselves in their content. Join the BlazeTV community today and be part of a movement that encourages open and respectful dialogue.