Why are people FLOODING Ellen with THESE COMMENTS???

Why are people FLOODING Ellen with THESE COMMENTS???

Hello there! I’m Benny Johnson, and I’m here to spill the tea on why people are flooding Ellen DeGeneres with these comments. It’s a topic that’s been buzzing around social media, so let’s dive right into it!


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Creepy Ellen DeGeneres is facing criticism in the comments

Ah, Ellen DeGeneres, the beloved talk show host who has charmed millions with her wit and humor. However, recently, things have taken a different turn for her. Creepy comments have started flooding her social media accounts, leaving people perplexed. What could this be all about?

People are telling her to watch “Sound of Freedom”

One of the most prominent comments that people are bombarding Ellen with is a recommendation to watch a film called “Sound of Freedom”. Curiosity takes over as we wonder why this movie is being suggested to her so strongly. Could there be some hidden message or connection that we aren’t aware of? Let’s find out!

I am often stopped on the street by people asking if I like fruit

Okay, let’s take a little detour here. It might seem unrelated, but trust me, there’s a connection. You see, I have a peculiar encounter whenever I step out on the streets. Strangers approach me and ask a seemingly bizarre question, “Do you like fruit?” Now, you might be wondering why I’m mentioning this. Just hold on, we’ll connect the dots soon enough!

I enjoy a variety of fruits, including cherries and grapes

Yes, I do enjoy fruits, and I’m not alone in this love affair. There’s something about the burst of flavors and the refreshing sweetness that captivates our taste buds. Cherries and grapes are among my favorites, but I also have a soft spot for tangerines, pears, peaches, potatoes, tomatoes, and onions. Yes, you read that right, potatoes, tomatoes, and onions are technically fruits. Who would’ve thought, right?

The secret behind the fruit obsession and Ellen’s comments

Now, let’s bring it all together. The reason people are flooding Ellen DeGeneres with creepy comments and urging her to watch “Sound of Freedom” is due to a connection made between a charity organization mentioned in the movie and an incident involving Ellen herself. This organization works tirelessly to combat human trafficking, an issue that has gained significant attention in recent years. What may seem like a bunch of random comments from strangers is actually a concerted effort to spread awareness about this important cause.


So, there you have it! The mystery behind why people are flooding Ellen DeGeneres with these comments has been revealed. It all stems from a shared concern about human trafficking and the hope that Ellen will use her platform to raise awareness. If you want to join the conversation, make sure to check out the film “Sound of Freedom” and share your thoughts. Together, we can make a difference and bring attention to the issues that matter most. Stay tuned for more updates from me, Benny Johnson, as I unravel the latest stories that impact our lives.

Remember, it’s always important to stay informed and lend our voices to causes that resonate with us. Let’s continue to support each other and strive for a better world!

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