Arizona AG Brnovich: Border-Crossing Migrants Create Environmental Hazard

Complaints about those entering the country illegally have taken another turn, with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich saying the migrants are causing damage to the environment in their border crossings. Brnovich told Newsmax TV Friday he is suing the Biden administration for its failure to address the surge of migrants crossing into the southern state.

Brnovich told “Spicer & Co.” that “we’ve got hundreds of thousands of people coming across our border — 170,000 last month. It’s estimated two million just this year. [The] average person in migrant crossings [is] leaving 68 pounds of trash.”

The resulting trash creates fire hazards, endangers wildlife as well as entire desert, he said.

Another issue involves the cartels, Brnovich said. “Remember, the cartels are profiting off every single person across the border—fentanyl seizures up 233 percent just in the last month. So by the Biden administration’s inaction, we are empowering the cartels, we are enriching the cartels, people are being exploited, our desert is being devastated, and eventually, this is gonna have a huge impact as we move forward because of all the drugs that are coming into this country and the increase in the profits to the cartels.”

Brnovich has invited Vice President Kamala Harris to come and see the crisis that continues to unfold. He is suing the Biden administration in three separate lawsuits. “We’re suing them over his positive deportations, we’re involved in litigation over his rescinding the public charge rule, that is, the Biden administration giving benefits to people who don’t have legal status. Our third lawsuit alleges that when they stopped building the wall and rescinded the remain in Mexico policy, that’s having a devastating impact on our border.”

Insofar as receiving a response to any of his lawsuits, Brnovich said, “We’re in a federal court, in all of them. On the public charge rule, the Ninth Circuit didn’t agree with us. We’re appealing that to the U.S. Supreme Court. We’ll see what the U.S. Supreme Court does on that.

“On the lawsuit involving the positive deportations, federal judges ordered expedited discovery, and we’re actually gonna have an opportunity to depose three Biden administration officials. And so I think that will give us a better insight as to what’s happening or didn’t happen.”

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Source Newsmax

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