Biden Supports Immigration Amnesty in Upcoming Budget Reconciliation

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus met with President Joe Biden on Tuesday to discuss passing immigration reform in the upcoming Budget Reconciliation if the measure does not pass in the current Infrastructure deal.

Hispanic Caucus Chair Raul Ruiz, D-Calif.,  said Biden “supports the cause,” referring to immigration reform. But suppose Republican votes aren’t there to support immigration amnesty in the infrastructure plan. In that case, Biden and the Hispanic Caucus will “support the budget component of immigration reforms and job creation … and also a pathway to citizenship through the budget reconciliation,” Ruiz says according to Politico.

According to the Obama White House Archives in a statement put out by the Congressional Budget Office, it is “estimated that immigration reform would increase real Gross Domestic Product relative to current law projections by 3.3 percent in 2023 and 5.4 percent in 2033 – an increase of roughly $700 billion in 2023 and $1.4 trillion in 2033 in today’s dollars.”

Ruiz said Biden expressed “strong sentiment” toward passing immigration reform, but did not, however, commit to an “exclusive list” on the outcome of illegals, according to Florida Rep. Darren Soto.

Still, Caucus members asked that a pathway for Dreamers, farmworkers, essential workers, and Temporary Protected Status be listed. Soto added, “He said he was committed to making those statements publicly,” in regards to Biden’s “unequivocal support for immigration reforms to be included in the reconciliation package.”

Earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Asian American advocates, “We think we can make a case about the budget impacts of immigration in our country, and we are going to try to do that.”

Source Newsmax

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