China ERASES ISRAEL From ALL Official Maps | WWIII Is Coming…

China ERASES ISRAEL From ALL Official Maps | WWIII Is Coming…


In a shocking turn of events, China has recently been under scrutiny for erasing Israel from all official maps. This act has raised concerns and questions about China’s intentions and its alignment with Arab states against Western powers. The deletion of Israel from online maps and popular mobile applications has sparked a wave of speculation about the geopolitical implications and the possibility of an upcoming World War III. Benny Johnson, a video creator known for his critical analysis, brings this issue to light in his latest video.

China’s Deletion of Israel from Online Maps

One of the major concerns that Benny Johnson highlights in his video is China’s deliberate deletion of Israel from online maps. This action has been seen as a significant move in China’s efforts to align itself with Arab states and Russia against Western powers. Chinese tech companies have removed Israel from popular mobile applications, denying its existence on digital platforms.

However, it is crucial to note that Israel remains marked on official maps issued by Chinese authorities. This discrepancy adds to the complexity and confusion surrounding China’s stance on the issue. While the deletion of Israel on certain platforms suggests an intentional act, the official recognition of Israel on printed maps raises questions about China’s true intentions.

China’s Recognition of Palestine

Interestingly, while China deletes Israel from certain maps, it recognizes Palestine as a state and lists it on official maps alongside Israel. This contrasting approach suggests that China’s actions go beyond merely erasing Israel for the sake of it. It demonstrates a deliberate alignment with Arab states against perceived colonial powers. By recognizing Palestine and positioning it alongside Israel, China is making a statement about its stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

China’s Intentions Towards Israel

Benny Johnson’s video highlights how the removal of Israel from maps raises concerns about China’s intentions towards the nation. Is this a diplomatic move aimed at appeasing Arab states, or does it reflect a more hostile approach towards Israel? The absence of a country marker for Palestine on some maps further adds to the complexity of China’s position.

The Chinese Communist Party’s response to Hamas’ recent attack on Israel indirectly sheds light on their intentions. Rather than taking sides, China called for peace talks. This response demonstrates China’s alignment with Arab states against perceived Western colonial powers while avoiding openly condemning Israel or endorsing aggression.

China’s Alignment with Arab States

China’s actions, including the deletion of Israel from maps, demonstrate its efforts to align with Arab states against Western powers. As Benny Johnson points out, this alignment signifies a strategic move by China to strengthen its ties with Arab nations and build a diplomatic bloc that challenges Western dominance. By erasing Israel, a close ally of the United States, from online maps, China sends a clear message to Arab states about its solidarity with their cause.

The Lack of Diversity in US Army Recruitment Ads

In addition to discussing China’s deletion of Israel from maps, Benny Johnson also highlights the lack of diversity in US Army recruitment ads. This segment of the video, although seemingly unrelated, suggests a potential upcoming war. Johnson argues that the absence of diverse faces in these adverts indicates a shift in US military recruitment tactics and hints at militaristic preparations for a possible conflict.

The video calls attention to the recruitment ads’ homogeneity and emphasizes the importance of analyzing such subtle indicators when considering the global geopolitical landscape. While seemingly speculative, this segment adds an element of critical analysis to the overall theme of the video.

In conclusion, Benny Johnson’s video sheds light on China’s deletion of Israel from official maps and the geopolitical implications that arise from this act. With its alignment with Arab states and recognition of Palestine, China’s intentions towards Israel remain a subject of debate and concern. The lack of diversity in US Army recruitment ads further adds to the underlying unease and speculation about potential conflicts. As the world grapples with these complex dynamics, only time will reveal the true intentions and consequences of China’s actions.

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