DC Lott on ATF Back Door Gun Registry

DC Lott on ATF Back Door Gun Registry


In a recent video created by the One America News Network (OAN), DC Lott sheds light on the controversial issue of an alleged back door gun registry proposed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the video, discussing the key points raised by Lott and analyzing the potential implications.

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OAN’s Free Talk Platform

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The ATF’s Proposed Regulations

  • The ATF has proposed regulations that have raised concerns among gun owners and Second Amendment advocates.
  • These regulations could potentially lead to a national gun registry, raising issues of privacy and government intrusion.
  • The comment period for the proposed regulations is currently ongoing, giving citizens the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.

Targeting Firearms Dealers

  • The Biden administration has expressed its intention to redefine the criteria for being a licensed firearms dealer.
  • This move has alarmed many firearms dealers, as the new regulations could potentially target those with past paperwork mistakes or minor infractions.
  • Thousands of firearms dealers have already been forced out of business in the past two years, and the new regulations could exacerbate this trend.


In conclusion, DC Lott’s video on the alleged back door gun registry proposed by the ATF provides valuable insights into a highly controversial issue. The Free Talk platform, offered by OAN, empowers individuals to freely express their opinions without fear of censorship. Additionally, KlowdTV offers convenient live streaming options for OAN, allowing viewers to stay informed about important topics like the ATF’s proposed regulations. The potential implications of these regulations, including the possibility of a national gun registry and the targeting of firearms dealers, raise significant concerns. As citizens, it is crucial to stay informed, voice our opinions during the comment period, and actively participate in discussions surrounding these important issues.

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