Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: PRO Act an ‘Effort to Unionize All of America’

A little known-bill passed by the Democrat-held House threatens to destroy the gig economy and unionize America, political strategist Dick Morris warns on Newsmax TV.

Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021, or the PRO Act, is House Resolution 842 that passed 225-206 on March 9.

“It’s horrible; it will completely change the whole American economy and change the way 40 million people do their work,” Morris told Tuesday’s “Stinchfield.” “It’s part of an effort to unionize all of America.”

It is part of the Democrats’ playbook, like the guise of COVID-19 was used to unconstitutionally change voting in the 2020 presidential election, then the $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, Morris told host Grant Stinchfield.

“Just like the anti-COVID stuff was really an effort to change the voting system in the country so they could win, here they’re using the infrastructure package to unionize the country,” Morris said, noting federal funds used for construction require the use of unionized workers.

Also, Morris said, the bill eliminates Right to Work laws in 27 states that block requirements to join a union and eliminates the requirement of an election to form a workers union.

“But the fourth part,” Morris said, referring back to the reforms to the 1099 independent contractors, “is the most insidious.”

“It takes 30-40 million Americans who work for themselves, work on the gig economy – Uber drivers Lyft drivers, me working as a consultant to Newsmax, you probably,” Morris continued to Stinchfield, “and we would no longer be able to be independent contractors. We would have to go on the Newsmax payroll.”

Morris noted it would likely force workers to work full time and take away flexibility for the worker and the employers, potentially eliminating some jobs altogether.

“It’s all a device to unionize the country, regimentize them, force them onto a payroll, and then force them into a union,” Morris concluded.

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Source Newsmax

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