Former AG Barr Lands Book Deal

Former Attorney General William Barr reportedly has signed a book deal.

Politico, attributing the information to 3 people familiar with the deal, said Barr recently agreed to write about his time at the Justice Department.

The outlet noted this will be the first book for Barr, who reportedly started writing it within the last two months.

Details about Barr’s book were not known, Politico said. The former U.S. attorney general has said little in public since leaving office.

Word of the book came as Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett reportedly received a $2 million advance for her upcoming book, a record publishing payday for a judge on the highest court, Politico said.

Barrett’s confirmation to the bench moved the Supreme Court’s ideological balancesolidly in favor of the Republicans. Opponents expressed apprehension that her addition to the court could signal the end for major Democrat policy priorities such as the Affordable Care Act, and almost half-a-century-long abortion protections established under Roe v. Wade.

Months after taking the bench, Barrett has yet to definitively tilt the court on any controversial case.

Source Newsmax

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