Former Top DEI Manager Scams Facebook Out of Millions


In a recent video released by One America News Network, the shocking story of Barbara Furo Smiles, the former top DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) manager at Facebook, unfolds. Furo Smiles has pleaded guilty to stealing a staggering $4 million from the social media giant. This scandalous incident has raised a multitude of questions and shed light on the controversial issue of racial redistribution and the role of the DEI Racket in society.

Heading 1: Barbara Furo Smiles and her Cunning Theft Operation

Sub-heading 1.1: Exploiting Her Position at Facebook

Barbara Furo Smiles masterminded her theft operation by using her high-level position at Facebook to her advantage. She linked her personal cash app Venmo and PayPal accounts to her company credit cards. This illicit arrangement allowed her to siphon off funds from Facebook without raising any suspicions.

Sub-heading 1.2: Fraudulent Billing and Falsified Expense Reports

With her cash app accounts seamlessly connected to Facebook’s financial systems, Furo Smiles indulged in an audacious scheme. She used the stolen money to pay for personal expenses and services while fraudulently billing Facebook for goods and services they never received. To cover her tracks and obtain approval for these payments, Furo Smiles falsified expense reports, further deceiving the company.

Heading 2: Facebook’s Vulnerabilities and the Question of Accountability

Sub-heading 2.1: Weaknesses in Facebook’s Oversight

The involvement of federal authorities in Furo Smiles’ case raises questions about Facebook’s ability to detect and prevent such widespread fraud within its ranks. Despite being one of the most prominent tech companies worldwide, Facebook’s internal mechanisms failed to identify the ongoing theft until external forces intervened. This incident highlights significant vulnerabilities within the company’s oversight systems.

Sub-heading 2.2: Justification for Federal Intervention

Furo Smiles’ case forces us to question Facebook’s justification for involving federal authorities. As a private company, why did Facebook seek assistance from external law enforcement agencies to handle an internal matter? Some argue that this move suggests deeper-rooted issues within the company and raises concerns about their commitment to transparency and accountability.

Heading 3: The Controversial Issue of Racial Redistribution and the DEI Racket

Sub-heading 3.1: Unraveling the Role of the DEI Racket

Furo Smiles’ scandal sheds light on the DEI Racket and its controversial nature. Critics argue that the DEI movement, while aiming for equality and justice, often promotes racial redistribution devoid of meritocracy. This incident intensifies the debate, questioning whether the DEI Racket empowers individuals or enables them to exploit systems for personal gain.

Sub-heading 3.2: The Power of Wokeism and its Unyielding Influence

Beyond the specifics of Furo Smiles’ case, it is essential to understand the broader influence of wokeism. Edward Ring, a senior fellow with the California Policy Center, discusses the benefits of wokeism for the elites. He argues that this powerful ideology empowers the left and is unlikely to fade away despite recent setbacks. According to Ring, wokeism, fueled by American institutions, represents an updated form of American imperialism.

Heading 4: Globalism’s Consequences and Practical Energy Solutions

Sub-heading 4.1: Globalism’s Impact on Energy Solutions

One of the consequences of globalism, as discussed by Edward Ring, is the denial of practical energy solutions to nations while exploiting their resources. Global corporations often prioritize their own interests, perpetuating a cycle of dependency. Furo Smiles’ case serves as a reminder that corporate greed and globalism go hand in hand, reaping rewards for a select few while leaving others at a disadvantage.


The scandal involving Barbara Furo Smiles, the former top DEI manager at Facebook, has sent shockwaves through the tech industry. The case highlights the glaring vulnerabilities within Facebook’s oversight systems and raises questions about the company’s justification for involving federal authorities. Moreover, it brings the controversial issue of racial redistribution and the role of the DEI Racket to the forefront of public discourse. As the influence of wokeism continues to shape society, it becomes crucial to examine its consequences, including the impact of globalism on nations’ access to practical energy solutions. The Furo Smiles case serves as a stark reminder of the far-reaching implications and challenges posed by these interconnected issues.

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