Fox’s Chris Wallace Won’t Stop About Trump and Jan. 6th

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace seems intent on continuously discussing the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol and former President Donald Trump.

Wallace during the end of a Fox News Sunday interview repeatedly questioned House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about his phone call with Trump on Jan.6, though McCarthy insisted his conversations with the former president are a personal and private matter.

Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler “said while the January 6th riot was in full force, you phoned President Trump and ask him to call off his supporters and, according to you, she said, the president responded, ‘Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are,’” Wallace explained. “Is she right? Is that what President Trump said to you?”

McCarthy deflected, claiming he was the first person Trump spoke to after the crowd broke into the building.

“And that’s what he did,” the congressman added. “He put a video out later.”

“Quite a lot later and it was a pretty weak video,” Wallace retorted, referencing Trump’s statement in which he told the rioters, “We love you.”

“But I’m asking you specifically: Did he say to you, ‘I guess some people are more concerned about the election than you are’?” Wallace once again pressed McCarthy.

“No, listen, my conversations with the president are my conversations with the president,” the California Republican replied. “I engaged with the idea that we could stop what was going on inside the capitol at that moment in time, the president said he would help.”

Wallace since the riot has praised Democrats for their opening presentation offered during Trump’s impeachment trial, praised President Joe Biden for his inaugural address and, according to some political experts, failed to take control of the presidential debate between Trump and Biden in September.

Wallace on Friday also depicted the Trump administration during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter as “every man and woman for themselves.

“When they went on the Sunday shows, they were appealing to an audience of one, because President Trump watched,” Wallace said. “So, when somebody went on, oftentimes there was a debate going on inside the administration, and they were trying to make their case more to the president, who was watching at home, than to the viewers.

“If you are a reporter covering the White House, there is nothing better than if there is tension inside the White House, and they are arguing it out in the public,” Wallace added, noting that when he covered President Ronald Reagan, there was a similar division. “[Biden’s] White House is much more disciplined in that regard, which is probably good for the country, but doesn’t make it as much fun to cover.”

The liberal media, says Wallace, also isn’t being softer on Biden then they were on Trump.

“Maybe briefly at the very beginning, but I spent six years in the White House briefing room covering Ronald Reagan, and the White House press corps is a famously and I think appropriately cantankerous group, and I think Biden gets pretty tough coverage right now.”

Trump has aired his grievances with Wallace, telling a crowd at the CPAC conference in Orlando in late February that the news anchor was also part of the “fake news” crowd.

“We didn’t know all about [President Joe Biden] in the press because they’re fake news, they’re the biggest fakers there are,” Trump said. “But the press refused to ask the questions. And when I asked the questions on the television, on the debate, Chris Wallace, in this case, and others, refused to let him answer.”

“They refused to let [Biden] answer the questions,” Trump continued. “Maybe we could have found something or if the media did its job, which they don’t.”

Source Newsmax

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