Introducing the 2021 Index of Military Strength | The Heritage Foundation

The Index of U.S. Military Strength is a one-of-a-kind look at the state of the U.S. military and the threats our nation faces. America needs a strong and well-trained military to keep our people and our interests safe. Heritage’s 2021 Index makes clear that our leaders must make this responsibility a top priority. While America’s military has improved in the past four years, challenges remain after nearly two decades of overseas conflict and insufficient funding to prepare the force for future conflicts.

As a result, America can no longer count on raw battlefield superiority against rapidly changing threats. Given these trends and the advancing capabilities of our adversaries, the U.S. military today is only marginally able to defend America’s vital national interests. Fortunately, there is a way forward, and our leaders must invest in fully funding our military to ensure it is ready to face the threats of our time and defend our nation.

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