Kash Patel: J6 Tapes REVEAL Biden DOJ RIGGED Cases By BURYING Evidence | ‘It was a COVERUP’


In this article, I, Kash Patel, the lead witness for Donald Trump in the Colorado case, will reveal the shocking truth behind the events surrounding January 6, exposing a disinformation campaign by the Deep State and fake news. As a key figure in the case, I have firsthand evidence that debunks the false narrative and highlights the efforts of prosecutors to rig the next presidential election by attempting to remove Donald Trump from the ballot. I will also shed light on how the Biden DOJ has buried crucial evidence, resulting in a coverup of the truth.

Main Heading: The Deep State’s Disinformation Campaign

Subheading: False Narratives and the Mainstream Media

The Deep State and their allies in the media have orchestrated a disinformation campaign surrounding the events of January 6. They have spun a false narrative of an insurrection, with the intention of tarnishing the reputation of Donald Trump and his supporters. The mainstream media, unfortunately, has bought into this narrative, perpetuating the falsehoods without delving into the truth.

Subheading: Selective Use of Evidence and Bogus Narratives

Prosecutors, in their attempt to maintain the bogus insurrection narrative, have resorted to selectively using evidence. They present snippets and partial information to support their claims, conveniently omitting crucial facts that would debunk their narrative. This selective presentation is a clear indication of their ulterior motives in attempting to remove Donald Trump from the ballot.

Bullet points:

  • The goal is to rig the next presidential election
  • Selective evidence is being used
  • The true story is being buried

Subheading: Legal Impossibility of Insurrection Claims

Contrary to the prosecution’s claims, it is legally impossible to attribute the label of “insurrection” to Donald Trump. The term “insurrection” carries significant legal weight, demanding specific elements that simply do not align with Trump’s actions or intentions. This attempt to label him as an insurrectionist is yet another example of the prosecution’s manipulation of the facts.

Subheading: The Law Firm and Key Personnel

The law firm representing the group aiming to remove Donald Trump from the ballot is King and Spalding. This firm has notable individuals such as Sally AES, Rod Rosenstein, and Gina Haspel working for them. Their involvement raises questions about potential conflicts of interest and the validity of the case against Trump.

Subheading: Due Process and the Hiding of Evidence

One of the pillars of justice is due process, which includes providing all evidence rather than selectively hiding it. The prosecution’s failure to fully disclose all evidence indicates a deliberate attempt to manipulate the narrative and protect their ulterior motives. This lack of transparency and fairness undermines the integrity of the legal proceedings.


The J6 tapes, which I possess, shed light on the Biden DOJ’s efforts to rig cases and bury evidence, ultimately covering up the truth. The disinformation campaign orchestrated by the Deep State and perpetuated by the mainstream media aims to remove Donald Trump from the ballot in the next presidential election. By selectively using evidence and manipulating the narrative, the prosecution has demonstrated its ulterior motives and lack of integrity. It is essential that we seek the truth and demand transparency in the legal proceedings to ensure justice is served. Remember, it was a coverup.

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