Liberals outraged over Trumps post from JEXIT


Are you tired of censorship and restricted social media platforms? Look no further than Free Talk, the new social platform by One America News Network (OAN). With Free Talk, you can post, chat, and connect with other members without worrying about shadowbanning or censorship. In this article, we will delve into the recent controversy surrounding a post from JEXIT that has outraged liberals. But before we get into that, let’s take a closer look at Free Talk and its features.

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The Controversial Post from JEXIT

Recently, a flyer from 2018 resurfaced, causing uproar among liberals. The national spokesperson from JEXIT, an organization supporting President Trump, had written the flyer, calling out liberal Jews. The flyer listed President Trump’s accomplishments for the Jewish people and Israel, highlighting their importance. However, it also criticized liberal Jews for their lack of support for both President Trump and Israel.

Liberals’ Outrage Over Trump’s Post

This resurfaced flyer has sparked outrage among liberals across the country. They contend that it promotes divisiveness and fuels hateful rhetoric. The controversy stems from the flyer’s message that promotes a divide between conservatives and liberal Jews. Critics argue that the flyer unfairly generalizes a diverse group of individuals and undermines the importance of unity.

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In conclusion, Free Talk, the new social platform by One America News Network, offers a space for free speech and open dialogue. While recent controversies surrounding JEXIT’s flyer have caused division, it remains essential to engage in respectful discussions and bridge gaps between different ideologies. Free Talk empowers individuals to express their opinions without censorship, fostering an environment conducive to meaningful conversations. Stay connected with OAN on various popular platforms and watch their live programming on KlowdTV. Additionally, gain exclusive access to uncensored news and talk shows through OAN Locals. Embrace the freedom to express yourself and connect with like-minded individuals on Free Talk. Let your voice be heard in a world that needs diverse perspectives and open dialogue.

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