Mark Meadows to Newsmax: First Scandal, Then Joe Biden Soft on China

Not only is President Joe Biden soft on China, but continuing coverage of the emails on son Hunter Biden’s laptop shows a concerning “pay-for-play kind of scheme” that will anger everyday Americans, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tells Newsmax.

“What it’s doing is actually it’s setting up introductions to the highest level of government,” Meadows told Thursday’s “Greg Kelly Reports” of the latest New York Post reports on emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop showing meetings he was setting up with his father, who was vice president at the time.

“I think that there’s a whole lot more that’s going to come out.”

Meadows told guest host Eric Bolling that the story might have been “blacked out” by liberal media during the presidential election cycle, but ultimately the truth is going to come out and it will leave Americans angry for being misled.

“It’s kind of thing that America hates, because it’s only the well-connected that make money at levels that Hunter Biden was supposedly paid,” Meadows said.

And it should come as no surprise Biden is terminating State Department investigations into COVID-19 origins in China due to “relationships” in China that were previously “fostered,” according to Meadows.

“Joe Biden has been soft on China,” Meadows said. “They only thing harsh about his China rhetoric came during the campaign when he thought it was politically expedient for him to be tough on China.

“We see his policy in his first four months is not about holding China accountable. He’s not holding them accountable with the Wuhan lab, perhaps it’s relationships that were fostered long ago with his son that was perhaps being paid in an inappropriate manner, according to most Americans.”

Those missing former President Donald Trump might not have to miss him for long, as Meadows teased a return to politics for his former boss.

“He’s doing really well. I speak to him almost every day,” Meadows said. “He loves the country. He’s willing and ready to stay engaged. I hope that he runs again. I think most of America believes that. He’s all in to make sure that America First continues to be the policy of the land.”

Earlier on the program, Meadows warned of a “a day of reckoning that’s going to come” with Biden’s economic policies.

“As Americans, we need to not only rise up and say we’ve had enough of this progressive, left-wing propaganda, but we’re not going to be [a] socialist country,” Meadows said. “And it’s time that we fight back.”

Meadows lamented the turning of the economy amid massive Biden spending that has already happened,with more promised to come.

“President Trump said we will never be a socialist country: It’s real hard to argue that when they’re passing out checks,” Meadows concluded. “It’s time where we not only have to stop it, but I think with the inflation, the fact that [the price of] food is going up, gas is going up, homes are going up, the price of clothing is all going up, that all of a sudden people are going to start to say, ‘yeah, I might have gotten a stimulus check, but it’s not going quite as far as it did.’

“We have to make sure that we push back on that. I’m hopeful that there’s some common sense that happens here in Washington, D.C., but I’ll tell you it’s not coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

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