Rep. Cawthorne to Newsmax TV: Infrastructure Plan a ‘Trojan Horse’ for Green New Deal

Rep. Madison Cawthorne, R-N.C., told Newsmax TV on Thursday that President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan is ”a Trojan horse” for the Green New Deal proposal to fight climate change.

Cawthorne said on ”John Bachman Now” that “full-on socialists” in the Democratic Party are ”trying to seize the means of production in our country, [and] this Green New Deal they’re using and trying to push through with their infrastructure plan, it truly is intellectually dishonest.

“It’s a Trojan horse. This really is not going to create anything that’s going to be any more green, [it’s] gonna spend over $50 trillion, which we do not have … You’re gonna have President Xi Jinping over in China not having to take any action until 2040 and meanwhile, they’re the greatest carbon emitters by a long shot in this world.” 

Cawthorne added, ”The problem is that none of the ideas that the Democrats actually have would fix the climate problem that we have in this country. And really, we don’t have that much of a problem because free societies actually all tend to be clean societies. But really, I believe it’s the Republicans and conservatives who truly have the right idea of how to have a green planet.”

When queried what he would ask former Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been tasked with leading the climate summit, the congressman said, ”Why do you always tend to move away from things like nuclear power? Why do you say that? We actually don’t have any way to fix our country, why do you allow people like AOC to say that our world was gonna end in 12 years? I believe two of those years already passed. So you know, in 10 years, it’s all gonna be over, John.”

Cawthorne later said, ”I by no means find myself as a green tree-hugging hippie, but I definitely do believe in conservation. You know, in Genesis, I’m called to be a steward of the Earth. And so I believe in passing off a world that’s more healthy than the one that I received to the next generation. But the way I believe that we do that is, you know, we always think diversify our energy portfolios.

“That means more things like solar, and more things like nuclear energy, which I believe is really the best option. But also it means putting more money into research and development,” Cawthorne said.

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