Rep. Mike Kelly to Newsmax TV: Govt Covering Up Its Border Crisis

The Biden administration has failed on the border crisis and is behaving like it has something to hide, according to Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., on Newsmax TV.

“In Erie, Pennsylvania, they brought up 150 [migrant children],” Kelly told Tuesday’s “Stinchfield.” “We were going to go up to visit them. The night before I was to go up to visit, they told me, ‘Oh, congressman, there’s no sense in coming up. All the kids are gone.’

“I said, ‘I’ll be in the area anyway; I’ll stop to see you.’

“I got there, Saturday morning, they said 90 of them just shipped out. I said, ‘I thought you said they all left yesterday.’ Well, there was still 56 of them there, 28 of those had COVID. That was on Saturday afternoon.

“By noon the next day, they were all gone, all the agencies were gone, all the kids were gone, the place was shut down, locked down. All the lights turned out. Overnight they disappeared. So, this administration has a way – you know the old story – there’s no secrets in this administration; there’s just a lot of things we don’t talk about.”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on April 23 announced it would move the unaccompanied children out of Erie to other ORR state-licensed facilities “where beds are” available or unified with an appropriate sponsor, usually a parent or relative, while their immigration cases proceed.”

Kelly, who was visiting an intake center in the border town of McAllen, Texas, where many migrant children are housed, says he has not gotten any answers from the administration.

“This isn’t about kids anymore,” he told host Grant Stinchfield. “”This is about an administration that has failed. This is a dereliction of duty. They need to step up to what needs to be done right now and get it handled. This wasn’t a problem until after Jan. 20th. It was fine under the Trump administration. The stay in Mexico program was in effect. They have let it get out of control.”

The American people, Kelly added, “know what’s going on around America.”

The Biden administration wants to “take credit for a rebounding economy that happened under President Trump, they want to take credit for a lot of things that happened under President Trump and now the only thing that they’re getting stuck in their eye every day is about the border and what’s their answer? They’re ‘working on it,'” he said.

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Source Newsmax

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