Sen. Ron Johnson to Newsmax: Dems Disarmed on Jan. 6 Narratives

Democrats have dropped the “armed insurrection” narrative, because Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., exposed the fact “zero” firearms were confiscated Jan. 6, and he told Newsmax they should drop the call for a commission to boot.

“The reason I’ve been attacked is because I’ve pushed back on their narrative that there were thousands of armed insurrectionists,” Johnson told Wednesday’s “Cortes & Pellegrino.”

“One thing that’s kind of interesting is they kind of dropped the ‘armed,’ because I asked a question of the FBI witness: ‘How many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or Capitol grounds?’ And the answer was zero.

“So they weren’t armed with firearms. Most people when you hear the word ‘armed’ think firearms.”

Johnson noted two reasons Democrats sought to push the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6 as an “armed insurrection”: First, Democrat leaders would be absolved on their failures to secure the Capitol – which was their responsibility; and second, because it would advance their gun-control agenda.

“The reason they liked that narrative, first of all, is anybody responsible for the security of the Capitol, if there were literally thousands of armed insurrectionists, how do you defend against that?” Johnson told co-hosts Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino. “So, it kind of absolves them of responsibility.

“But I think the bigger point is what the Democrats, what the liberal media wants, is they want to paint a very broad picture of the 75 million Americans that voted for President Trump. They want Americans to believe that they’re potentially domestic terrorists. If given the opportunity, they’ll become armed insurrectionists as well, which is why you have to start taking away people’s guns.”

The House passed a Jan. 6 Commission bill to the Senate, but Johnson is vehemently opposed to it as a “political” exercise that will not do anything more than what myriad of criminal and political investigations already doing in diving into the events of Jan. 6.

“This is going to be completely political,” Johnson said, noting a direct conflict of interest of House Democrat leaders picking a commission to review a responsibility in protecting the Capitol that they were ultimately negligent for.

Johnson is doing his own personal reconstruction of the events to present an accurate depiction of the events, devoid of the narratives pushed by Democrats in Congress.

“I don’t deny the violence,” Johnson said. “I condemn it. I think everybody does. We want to see those who committed acts of violence prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but we also want to see the fair and equal administration of justice.”

The Jan. 6 protests were going to be peaceful and the votes to debate 2020 election regularities was warranted, Johnson added.

“I thought it was very important to have the debate,” he concluded.

“There were irregularities in the 2020 election. There were certainly instances where unelected courts, unelected election officials used to usurp the authority, the constitutional responsibility of state legislators.”

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