Siena Poll: Majority of New Yorkers Want Cuomo Replaced

The latest Siena College poll showed that the majority of New Yorkers would prefer to replace Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo for the 2022 election. A majority of respondents, 53 percent, said that they would prefer not to reelect Cuomo and prefer someone else, while only 37 percent said that they would reelect him.

The poll also showed that more voters disapprove than approve of Cuomo, with 48 percent reporting an unfavorable view of the governor, compared to 44 percent giving Cuomo a favorable rating. When asked to rate Cuomo’s job performance, 55 percent gave a negative rating, while 44 percent approve of the job Cuomo is doing.

While less than half of New Yorkers surveyed (48 percent) believe the state is headed in the right direction, a generic ballot shows the Democrat leading the Republican 55 percent to 29 percent. However, with Cuomo on the ballot, the Democrat lead shrinks to 48 percent to 38 percent.

Steven Greenberg, a Siena College pollster, said in a statement that “[W]hen voters were told that the Democrat was Cuomo running against an unnamed Republican, the race tightens significantly. Cuomo leads the generic Republican, 48-38 percent, a 10-point lead. And when voters were told that the Democrat was [Attorney General Letitia] James running against an unnamed Republican, James leads 46-29 percent, a 17-point lead.”

Breitbart reports that the poll was conducted between May 16th to 20th, and that 793 registered voters in New York were surveyed. The poll had 493 of voters answered over the phone and 300 were from a proprietary online panel. The poll had an overall margin of error of +/- 4% points.

Source Newsmax

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