Speaker Johnson Tells House Republicans To ‘Vote Their Conscience’


In this article, I will be discussing the recent statement made by House Speaker Mike Johnson, urging House Republicans to “vote their conscience” on the expulsion resolution surrounding Representative George Santos. This topic has sparked a lot of debate and controversy within the political sphere. As a journalist, it’s important to examine both sides of the argument and provide a balanced perspective on the matter.

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Reassurance

House Speaker Mike Johnson recently addressed House Republicans, encouraging them to “vote their conscience” when it comes to the expulsion resolution targeting Representative George Santos. This statement came amidst growing concerns about due process and the impact such a vote could have on future proceedings.

Republicans Divided on Expulsion Resolution

The call to expel Representative George Santos has created a divide among House Republicans. Some are in favor of the resolution, citing the allegations of violations and misuse of campaign funds as evidence. Others believe that due process should be followed and that expelling Santos may set a precedent for future cases.

Ethics Report Allegations

The ethics report against Representative George Santos alleges various violations, including the misuse of campaign funds. These allegations have garnered significant attention and have contributed to the push for his expulsion. It is crucial to consider the details of the report when evaluating the merits of the expulsion resolution.

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Expulsion Requires a Two-Thirds Majority Vote

It is important to note that expelling a representative from the House requires a two-thirds majority vote. This high threshold emphasizes the significance of such a decision and ensures that due process is followed. The outcome of this vote may set a precedent for future expulsion cases, making it a crucial point of discussion among House Republicans.


As House Speaker Mike Johnson urges House Republicans to “vote their conscience” on the expulsion resolution involving Representative George Santos, it is clear that this matter has sparked significant debate and controversy. The allegations of violations by Santos and the push for due process underscore the complexity of this issue. One America News Network’s Free Talk platform allows individuals to engage in unrestricted speech and connection, offering a space for meaningful discussions. Ultimately, the decision on whether to expel Santos will have far-reaching consequences and may set a precedent for future cases, further emphasizing the importance of this topic in the political landscape.

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