Stephen Miller: Migration to US Debunks ‘Racist Country’ Myth


While Democrats and the Biden administration are pushing a narrative the United States is a flawed country that is systematically racist, former Trump White House senior adviser Stephen Miller presents the most basic fact debunking that as fallacious doctrine.

“The best measure of the kinds of freedom, rights, dignity that is afforded by a society is whether or not people are trying to leave en masse, or whether or not people are trying to arrive en masse,” Miller told Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

“It is as basic a measure as you’re going to get.”

And Miller reminds host Mark Levin, the entire world sees benefit emigrating to America, so therefore it cannot be the evil country Democrats profess it to be.

“In the United States, we are the No. 1 global destination for migration, and we have been for a very long time,” Miller said.

Miller rejects President Joe Biden’s push for open borders and refusing to enforce existing immigration law, ostensibly saying, “there is a loophole in our border so large that half of planet Earth can fit through it.”

“We don’t have a democracy anymore if a president can come in and say, ‘this whole section of law doesn’t exist anymore,'” Miller added.

Immigration law needs to be adhered to, whether it is reformed or just maintained, Miller argues.

“The challenge we have as a country then is to establish rules and conditions and enforce laws as to who can and can’t enter,” Miller said, pointing to the successful policies of the Trump administration.

“What we saw working day and night on the border is that it had become a global phenomenon,” Miller added, noting migrants from all over the globe sought to come to America.

Biden’s open invitation to migrants around the world has proven to be embolden labor and sex traffickers and drug smugglers, too.

“That’s reckless, that’s immoral; that has to be enjoined,” Miller concluded.

In the United States’ most recent census, pointing back to the Miller statement above, it is notable the immigration sanctuary states such as California and New York – welcoming of undocumented immigrants – have lost congressional seats due to shrinking population, while Texas gained 2 seats and Florida gained 1.

They are both two of the stronger Republican states that seek tough border and immigration measures; yet, they have Americans flocking away from sanctuary states to strong, Republican-led states.

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