The Biden Administration’s Plan to Destabilize the U.S. by Maintaining Open Borders

The Biden Administration’s Plan to Destabilize the U.S. by Maintaining Open Borders


Hey there! Ever wondered how the Biden administration’s decision to keep borders open could rock the boat and cause chaos? Let’s dive in and uncover the potential consequences.

The Strategy Behind Open Borders

So, what’s the deal with leaving the gates wide open? Is it a sound strategy or a recipe for disaster? Here’s a closer look:

  • Foster a sense of inclusivity or simply invite trouble?
  • A slippery slope or a bold diplomatic move?
  • How will this impact national security and public safety? Any thoughts?

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Detaining and Deporting Illegal Immigrants

The recent bill passed by the House has sent shockwaves. What’s the deal with detaining and deporting illegal immigrants who attack law enforcement officers? Here’s the scoop:

  1. How does this bill aim to tackle the issue of violence against law enforcement?
  2. Will this deter potential offenders or stir up more controversy?

Border Security: A CEO’s Perspective

The CEO of the Convention of States shares insights on the open border crisis and the urgent need for border security legislation. Here’s what’s on the table:

  • How does open border policy impact the sovereignty of a nation?
  • What are the implications of unrestricted migration on the economy and social fabric?

The Biden administration’s decision to maintain open borders raises eyebrows and concerns. It’s a hot topic that demands attention and scrutiny. Stay informed, stay engaged, and make your voice count in shaping the future of immigration policies.

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