Top Democrat Leader Shreds President Biden – ‘He Needs To Come To Us Now’

Top Democrat Leader Shreds President Biden – ‘He Needs To Come To Us Now’


In a powerful and scathing review of President Biden’s recent decision to strike the Houthis in Yemen, a prominent leader within the Democratic Party has voiced their discontent. This leader, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes that Biden should have sought Congressional approval before taking action. Let’s delve deeper into this simmering disagreement and examine the arguments presented by this influential Democrat.

Outlining the Concerns

  1. The Importance of Congressional Approval

    • The Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war, while the President has the authority to direct military forces. The leader argues that Biden’s choice to strike the Houthis signifies the need for Congressional authorization.
    • The War Powers Resolution of 1973 was enacted to reaffirm Congressional authority in matters of military intervention and stipulates that the President must consult with Congress in specific circumstances. The leader asserts that this resolution necessitates Congressional involvement in the decision-making process.
  2. Biden’s Failure to Consult Congress

    • Critics argue that Biden had ample time to seek Congressional approval for the strikes, as he had consulted with allies and was well aware of the impending action. The leader believes that this failure to include Congress in the decision-making process indicates a disregard for the Constitution and democratic principles.
    • While the President claims to have informed Congress, the leader contends that informing is not the same as consulting. In such a critical situation, the leader asserts that the President should have actively sought the authority of Congress.
  3. Implications of Ignoring Congressional Involvement

    • The leader warns that the United States could be pushed into significant hostilities without proper Congressional oversight. With ongoing conflicts in various parts of the world, including the war in Gaza, the leader insists that it is crucial for Congress to consider the implications of these actions.
    • By bypassing Congressional approval, the President risks fueling tensions domestically and internationally. The leader believes that engaging in strikes without proper authorization could potentially escalate the situation and have dire consequences.

A Shift in Democratic Unity

  1. Progressive Caucus and Biden’s Actions

    • The leader of the progressive caucus in Congress is particularly furious with Biden’s decision. This progressive leader, who requested anonymity, has been vocally critical of the President, emphasizing the need for Congressional approval and consultation in military actions.
    • The leader argues that Biden’s recent strikes have strained the unity within the Democratic Party. Progressive members of Congress feel disillusioned and betrayed by the President’s disregard for their insistence on Congressional involvement.
  2. Media Silence on Potential US-Iran Conflict

    • Remarkably, the media seems to have largely ignored the possibility of an impending conflict between the United States and Iran. This silence exacerbates concerns among Democratic leaders who fear that military actions without Congressional approval could tip the scales towards hostilities with Iran.
    • The leader urges the media to act responsibly and contribute to transparent discussions surrounding Biden’s decisions, raising awareness among the American public of the potential consequences and the necessity of Congressional involvement.


In light of President Biden’s recent decision to strike the Houthis in Yemen, a top Democrat leader has expressed their disappointment and frustration with the lack of Congressional involvement. This leader believes that Biden should have consulted Congress and sought authorization before engaging in military action. With concerns over potential conflicts and the erosion of democratic principles, the stage is set for a heated internal debate within the Democratic Party. As the nation watches, the question remains: will President Biden heed the words of this influential Democrat and seek the support of Congress moving forward?

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