Trump Voter Asks Mike Pence: “Why Are You A TRAITOR?” | AWKWARD Silence

Are you curious to know what happened when a Trump voter confronted Mike Pence with the powerful question, “Why are you a TRAITOR?” Brace yourself for the awkward silence that followed. Join us as we delve into this intriguing encounter and explore the implications it holds for the political landscape.


In a recent turn of events, Vice President Mike Pence’s trip to Iowa took an unpleasant turn after being criticized by Tucker Carlson. Aspiring to run for President, Pence is seen as a traitor by his own party. Despite this, a majority of people in Iowa continue to support Donald Trump, even in the face of potential legal issues. During his visit to the Iowa State Fair, Pence faced a challenging moment when he was confronted about committing treason. In response, he defended himself by emphasizing his loyalty to the Constitution. However, Pence’s explanations did not bring an end to the discomfort he faced during his time in Iowa.

Mike Pence’s trip to Iowa did not go well after Tucker Carlson criticized him

Tucker Carlson’s criticism had a significant impact on Mike Pence’s visit to Iowa. Pence, who is positioning himself for a potential presidential run, faced considerable backlash from his own party. Although his supporters initially championed him as a trustworthy conservative figure, doubts began to arise due to his involvement in the certification of the electoral votes.

Mike Pence wants to run for President but is seen as a traitor by his own party

Despite his ambitions, Pence finds himself battling the perception of being a traitor within his own party. Some within the Republican Party question his loyalty to conservative values and view him as having betrayed former President Donald Trump. This divide threatens to undermine Pence’s political future and could hamper any future aspirations he may have to occupy the White House.

Majority of people in Iowa support Donald Trump even if he’s in prison

Interestingly, a majority of people in Iowa continue to support Donald Trump, even if he were to be imprisoned. This unwavering loyalty to Trump demonstrates the strong bond between the former President and his base. It also highlights the challenges Pence faces if he hopes to gain the support of Iowa voters or any other state where Trump enjoys widespread popularity.

Mike Pence was called out and asked about committing treason at the Iowa State Fair

During his visit to the Iowa State Fair, Mike Pence faced a direct confrontation from a Trump supporter who accused him of committing treason. This uncomfortable moment highlighted the deep divisions that exist within the Republican Party. It also showcased the difficulties Pence encounters when attempting to distance himself from controversies surrounding the 2020 election.

Pence defended himself by stating he took an oath to the Constitution

In response to the accusation of treason, Mike Pence defended himself by reminding the audience that he took an oath to uphold the Constitution. By invoking his allegiance to the country’s founding principles, Pence attempted to shift the focus away from questions of loyalty and towards his commitment to the rule of law.

Pence explained that states conduct elections and once certified, the Vice President presides over the counting of electoral votes in Congress

To further clarify his position, Pence explained that the responsibility for conducting elections lies with the states themselves. Once certified, it is the duty of the Vice President to preside over the counting of electoral votes in Congress. This process, Pence argued, is firmly anchored in the Constitution and adheres to established democratic practices.

There are constitutional recommendations for resolving election disputes at the state level

Pence emphasized that the Constitution provides recommendations for resolving election disputes at the state level. These recommendations offer a pathway for addressing concerns and ensuring that the voice of the people is heard. While not explicitly mentioned, Pence’s comments could be seen as a subtle reference to the numerous legal challenges raised by Trump and his allies following the 2020 election.

Congress can decide which result is valid if there are competing results from the same state

In situations where there are competing results from the same state, Pence noted that it falls to Congress to decide which result is valid. This mechanism is intended to ensure fairness and protect the integrity of the electoral process. However, in the context of Pence’s role in certifying the election results, this explanation may have done little to satisfy those who questioned his actions.

Mike Pence could have sent back the electoral votes to the states, but he chose not to

It is worth noting that, as Vice President, Mike Pence had the authority to send back the electoral votes to the states for further clarification. However, he chose not to exercise this power. The decision to stand by the certified election results stirred further debate and criticism, increasing the pressure on Pence as he faced questioning about his loyalty and commitment to the Republican cause.

Mike Pence faced more embarrassing moments at the Iowa State Fair, including being shouted down for his career being ruined by Tucker Carlson

In addition to the uncomfortable confrontation regarding treason, Mike Pence endured several more embarrassing moments during his visit to the Iowa State Fair. The crowd’s response to his presence was mixed, with some expressing vocal disapproval. Pence faced taunts and shouts, particularly concerning Tucker Carlson’s criticism and the perceived impact it had on his political career. These incidents further underscored the challenges facing Pence as he navigates a deeply divided political landscape.

In conclusion, Mike Pence’s trip to Iowa was marked by difficulties and uncomfortable moments. Tucker Carlson’s criticism added fuel to the existing tension surrounding Pence’s potential presidential aspirations and raised questions about his loyalty amongst his party’s supporters. Despite the majority of people in Iowa continuing to support Donald Trump, Pence faced criticism and accusations of treason during his visit to the Iowa State Fair. His attempts to defend himself by emphasizing his oath to the Constitution and the processes governing the electoral count were met with mixed reactions. Ultimately, Pence’s time in Iowa serves as a reminder of the deep divisions and challenges he faces on his path toward a potential presidential bid.

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