Veterans Left Waiting for Care as VA Awards Nearly $11M in Fraudulent Bonuses

Veterans Left Waiting for Care as VA Awards Nearly $11M in Fraudulent Bonuses


Hey there, folks! We’ve got some eye-opening news to share with you today regarding the Veterans Affairs (VA) department. It appears that while our brave veterans are left waiting for essential care, some top executive brass at the VA decided to line their pockets with nearly $11 million in fraudulent bonuses. Let’s dive into the details together.

Shocking Revelation

Can you believe it? While our honorable veterans face delays and hardships accessing the care they deserve, certain high-ranking individuals within the VA are busy patting themselves on the back with bonuses obtained through deceitful means. It’s a disgraceful situation that demands immediate attention and accountability.

  • The Concerned Veterans for America is calling for resignations, and we couldn’t agree more. Why should those responsible for ensuring our veterans’ well-being be allowed to get away with such blatant self-serving actions?

  • As we stand together in support of our veterans, it’s crucial to shine a light on these injustices. By bringing awareness to these issues, we can push for the necessary changes to ensure that our veterans receive the care and respect they’ve earned through their service.

Take Action Today

Folks, it’s time to take a stand. Join us on Free Talk, OAN’s new social platform dedicated to providing a space for genuine free speech without the fear of shadowbanning. Let your voice be heard as we rally together to demand accountability and transparency within the VA.

  • Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to stay informed by watching OAN live on KlowdTV, starting at just $2.50 per month. Stay up to date on the latest news and developments surrounding issues that impact our veterans and our nation.

In conclusion, it’s unacceptable that our veterans are left waiting for care while individuals within the VA prioritize their own greed. Together, we can make a difference by standing up for what’s right and advocating for the respect and support our veterans rightfully deserve.

Let’s raise our voices and demand justice for our veterans!

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