VIRAL: Ted Cruz is FED UP With Biden Propagandist Playing Dumb


In a recent video created by BlazeTV, Senator Ted Cruz has expressed his frustration with what he perceives as Biden propagandists playing dumb. The video highlights a particular incident involving a letter that Senator Cruz signed in March 2020. However, despite signing the letter, the Senator now claims to have no memory of it. This has raised eyebrows and led to questions about the Senator’s credibility and consistency.

Senator signed a letter in March 2020, but claims to have no memory of it

One of the main points of contention in the video is Senator Cruz’s apparent lack of recollection regarding a letter he signed in March 2020. The letter called for the immediate release of incarcerated individuals and a moratorium on new admissions to jails and prisons. This stance drew criticism as the letter seemed to suggest releasing all individuals, including murderers, prior to conviction.

Lack of consistency in Senator’s stance

In the video, Senator Cruz is seen struggling to provide context for the letter and does not fully support its contents. While he claims that releases should be consistent with public safety, the contents of the letter do not reflect this sentiment. The letter also calls for a moratorium on incarceration and an order for federal law enforcement to cease adding to the incarcerated population. This has raised concerns about the Senator’s position on law and order.

Advocacy for releasing illegal aliens

Another point of controversy highlighted in the video is the letter’s advocacy for releasing illegal aliens and not referring them to ICE. This stance aligns with the Senator’s larger views on immigration, but it has still drawn criticism for being inconsistent with his purported commitment to upholding the law. Senator Cruz has attempted to explain that the letter may have been signed without fully understanding its implications, further raising doubts about his attention to detail.

Lack of disclosure to the committee

One of the most concerning aspects brought up in the video is the fact that Senator Cruz did not disclose the letter to the committee three years ago. This raises questions about transparency and the Senator’s willingness to be forthcoming about his actions and stances. It is crucial for individuals in positions of power to be open and honest about their past actions, especially when they are seeking confirmation for other roles, such as a judge.

With this video now going viral, the spotlight is on Senator Ted Cruz and his inconsistent stance on issues discussed in the letter he signed. Many are questioning whether the Senator can be trusted to adhere to laws and statutes if confirmed as a judge. It is important for public figures to be held accountable for their actions and statements, and this video raises legitimate concerns about Senator Cruz’s credibility.

In conclusion, the video created by BlazeTV sheds light on Senator Ted Cruz’s apparent lack of memory regarding a letter he signed in March 2020. The contents of the letter, which called for the release of incarcerated individuals and a moratorium on new admissions to prisons, have raised questions about the Senator’s consistency and credibility. Additionally, the letter’s advocacy for releasing illegal aliens and the Senator’s failure to disclose it to the committee raise further concerns. As this video goes viral, it is clear that Senator Cruz’s stance on issues discussed in the letter has come under scrutiny, and his credibility is being called into question.