Why Letting an iPad Raise Your Kids Is a Bad Idea

Why Letting an iPad Raise Your Kids Is a Bad Idea


In a world where technology reigns supreme, parents often find themselves grappling with the question of how much screen time is too much for their children. Allie Beth Stuckey, a prominent parenting influencer, sheds light on why letting an iPad raise your kids may not be the best approach to parenting.

Allowing Kids to Entertain Themselves

  • Independent Exploration: Stuckey delves into the importance of allowing kids to entertain themselves and explore creatively without the constant stimulation of screens.
  • Creativity Boost: She highlights how boredom can fuel creativity and innovation, urging parents to embrace moments of idleness for their kids.

Emphasizing the Value of Boredom

  • Discovering Activities: Stuckey underscores the significance of letting children get bored as a means to discover new activities and interests independently.
  • Critical Thinking: By experiencing moments of boredom, kids develop critical thinking skills and learn to entertain themselves without relying on external stimuli.

Childproofing the Backyard

  • Outdoor Play: Stuckey shares her approach to childproofing the backyard and fostering a safe environment for children to play outdoors.
  • Minimal Supervision: She encourages her older kids to engage in outdoor play with minimal supervision, allowing them to explore and interact with their surroundings freely.

In a society where electronic devices often serve as convenient babysitters, Allie Beth Stuckey urges parents to rethink the role of screens in raising children. By prioritizing independent play, embracing boredom, and promoting outdoor exploration, parents can nurture a generation of creative, self-reliant individuals. Wouldn’t you agree that a childhood filled with imagination and outdoor adventures is far more enriching than one spent glued to a screen?